Sunday, September 03, 2006


What an awesome performance by the Pitt Panthers last night and I was there to witness it. Tyler Palko looked great and looked like a leader. But two things impressed me the most. Pitt receivers actually caught the ball, which recently had been a problem.....and Pitt defenders actually tackled, which sounds dumb but that was a problem last year. Many time on a 3rd and 5 for UVA, Pitt allowed a short pass completion but wrapped up and tackled right away before the first down. Textbook style.

I even liked Dave Wannstedt's play calling. He mixed it up on first down and Paul Rhodes blitzed on appropriate downs. Clint Session looked like an All-American and Derelle Revis looked like a future NFL cornerback. ODerrick Turner, a freshman, has blazing speed and was very impressive. Yes, Virginia is not a good football team, but niether is Cincinatti, Toledo, The Citadel, UConn, Syracuse......and even South Florida and Rutgers aren't too great. So I dont want to get ahead of myself but Pitt could be 10-0 going into the Louisville, WVU games if they play the way they played last night. Thats all there is to it.

I decided not to wager on any games this weekend because Week 1 is normally where we find out about each team since in college football there is no preseason. I probably wont take any NFL games either because Week 1 is the hardest to predict. I might be down for college games next weekend, but I will post whatever I do.