Sunday, September 03, 2006


What an awesome performance by the Pitt Panthers last night and I was there to witness it. Tyler Palko looked great and looked like a leader. But two things impressed me the most. Pitt receivers actually caught the ball, which recently had been a problem.....and Pitt defenders actually tackled, which sounds dumb but that was a problem last year. Many time on a 3rd and 5 for UVA, Pitt allowed a short pass completion but wrapped up and tackled right away before the first down. Textbook style.

I even liked Dave Wannstedt's play calling. He mixed it up on first down and Paul Rhodes blitzed on appropriate downs. Clint Session looked like an All-American and Derelle Revis looked like a future NFL cornerback. ODerrick Turner, a freshman, has blazing speed and was very impressive. Yes, Virginia is not a good football team, but niether is Cincinatti, Toledo, The Citadel, UConn, Syracuse......and even South Florida and Rutgers aren't too great. So I dont want to get ahead of myself but Pitt could be 10-0 going into the Louisville, WVU games if they play the way they played last night. Thats all there is to it.

I decided not to wager on any games this weekend because Week 1 is normally where we find out about each team since in college football there is no preseason. I probably wont take any NFL games either because Week 1 is the hardest to predict. I might be down for college games next weekend, but I will post whatever I do.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Sorry its been a while since I have posted but a lot is going on. Hurricane or Tropical Storm right now Ernesto is coming, hopefully giving me a day or two to sleep in and not go to work. But I will still be working from home.

Today we finally completed the Training Camp Guide. It was a tedious process, but its finally down. Now Im focusing on the Media Guide and the gameday program. I have to write some more player bios for the media guide as they are much more extensive in the media guide then they are in the training camp guide. For the game program or "Growl" as we call it, I have to write a feature story on our captains. I have to help design the thing and I am in charge of getting all the other stories from the people who are writing stories.

This past weekend we had two events, a Cats Cookout on Saturday and a Hockey House Call on Sunday. Both were events to promote ticket sales, but I had to go because players and coaches were there to sign autographs. I am basically a bouncer for the players if you can believe that.

One week from Wednesday our Rookie Camp starts in Toronto. I have to put together bios for our coach of all the rookies attending camp. I am not going, but my boss is. I have to complete the media guide so I will stay at home. Also next Wednesday we are filming all the jumbotron greetings for each player. I have to coordinate the player arrivals at this event and make sure it runs smoothly for the video people. It should be fun.


On a different note, it looks like I might get the Phillies right with my Wild Card prediction from April. The Phillies are making all the right moves and are getting extremely hot at the right time. It also appears my bold predictions of the Red Sox winning the division will not come true. Oh well. The Angels too have a tough road ahead of them, but I think they can pull it off.

I had 4 fantasy drafts the past 3 days and I think I did ok in each. I love fantasy football. It is the best of all fantasy games because its one game a week so you dont have to check it everyday like I do with baseball fantasy. My draft with my boys from Pitt lasted 45 minutes. Fastest and best draft ever. We were all prepared and kept picking at a record pace.

Well, now its back to Hurricane preparations. Im heading the Pittsburgh Friday for the Pitt/UVa game. I'm write back in a few days.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Game Program

A couple of my boys from Pitt are coming down tomorrow for the weekend, so I probably wont be posting again for a week. So here are today's thoughts.......

First I just want to say to all of his critics, give Tony Kornheiser some time. Do Not judge him on one preseason games. #1 Preseason football games are the hardest to broadcast because of how few plays the stars actually play in. #2 For someone who has never even held a mic in his hand, it might take a few games to get in the flow. I think Tony will be great once he learns the ropes and he will be more then ready to go come Redskins/Vikings for Opening Monday Night.

OK Back to hockey for the moment. Today things really started to pick up at work. This Pre-Season Guide Ive been working on for weeks is in its final stages. It should be done by Friday and that means, that the real MEDIA GUIDE is next. We have most of those sections done already, thanks to planning ahead, but some changes need to be made. Like the Bruins President resigned so we have to change the Bruins Opponents Page in the Guide. We are 3 weeks away from the start of rookie camp when everything needs to be completed.

I was put in charge of the Game Programs, so I began building the thing today. Since it is impossible to print 41 programs for 41 home games, we are going to print just 4-5, and just add an insert for each game of each teams roster and scorecard. I had to put together a proposal of stories and I get to assign the stories. As expected, I am writing the Feature Story for each issue. I have until Sept. 1 to get all the stories in and then the actual printing process can begin. I'm real excited for this project.

Our coaches are slowly returning the South Florida from their summer vacation. They should all be in by the end of next week, and most of our players will return by then as well. Even though it isn't official, most of them are practicing together already. I can feel it, it's almost hockey time!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I got called into the office Friday afternoon. I was supposed to have the day off. But supposidly we were about to make a move and I had to be in the office to send out a release when this move happened. Needless to say, 3 hours later, it didn't happen and I had missed my happy hour I was planning to attend in Miami. Oh well, thats the life of a PR person. You always have to be ready even if it doesn't happen.

Saturday was the Dancer Tryouts which went real well. ESPN Radio 760 from West Plam Beach spent all day there broadcasting live from inside the arena. I got the two Captains of our cheerleading squad and Olli Jokinen (our Captain) on the radio. I t was great. Then the ESPN anchors, Olli, and some other celebrities were judges for the 65 girls that tried out for 16 spots. As a male, it was very very awesome to be in a room surrounded by 64 beautiful girls, almost all of which were wearing a sports bra and spandex pants.

Now why did I say 64 and not 65, well thats because we had a guy actually try out. No, he didnt make it and not because he was a guy but because he couldn't dance. IM SERIOUS.

Finally today I got to sit down and watch some baseball and catch up on things. It looks like my NL West pick, the Giants, are not going to win that division. My NL Wild Card was the Phillies who are still in it, but Im not counting on them anymore. The Angels are picking up steam, taking 2 of 3 from the Yanks so I'm very excited that my World Series Champion pick seems to be getting ready for a run at this thing.

College football is around the corner and Im excited for Pitt football. I actually think Tyler Palko is my biggest concern. This guy seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve and overplay when he thinks he doesnt have the supporting cast. If Tyler could become a leader, not just verbally, and trust his receivers and backs, then I think Pitt can win 8 games this year. WVU and Louisville will be a test. Michigan State will be tough, but I truely believe we can beat everyone else and have a successful season. Dave Wannstedt is in year 2 and by year 4, I'm expecting a B.E. Championship. So in other words, he has two more years of freedom before he feels the pressure. Let's get 'er done Pornstatch!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Dance Team Tryouts

Sorry I havent written in a while. I had family here last weekend and I've been playing lots of hockey myself so I'm never home anymore.

We had our Fifth Cats Cookout last night and I got to meet our captain Olli Jokinen and our newest player Eddie Belfour. Belfour was awesome. I talked to him for a good 20 minutes. You have to understand I was a huge Blackhawks fan back in the day with Belfour, Roenick, Goulet and Amonte. So me and Eddie talked about those teams and how he loves to fish, which I love to do also.

The Cookout was a success again. We sold more season ticket and almost all of our suites are sold out for the season. Tomorrow we have our Panthers Dance Team tryouts and of course I'm getting myself involved in that. The captains of the team we recruited from the Miami Heat (who won best NBA dancers last season). But anyway, sports radio stations are coming out to broadcast live from the tryouts and I expect hundreds of girls to try out for the 20 or so spots we have. I dont know what my role in the event will be besides taking care of any media that show up, but I requested to be the person that escorts the girl trying out from the dressing room to the dance floor.

We are now 8 weeks from Opening Night and more importantly 20 days away from the deadline to publish our preseason media guide. Holy Crap this is taking up a lot of time. I spend at least 6 hours a day, writting, revising, reviewing every players bio, making sure it looks great and has all the information correct. This to me, is the worst part of my job. This time in a seasongets real boring with all the paper work that must get done. We are judged all year on our media guide and we cant screw this up at all, not one bit. Once we actually send the media guide to the printer, the fun begins. I can't wait for that day.

Thats all for now. Check back for updates on the Dancer tryouts!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Media Guide

Time to relax. The Panthers roster is set for training camp. All signings are down, now I have a month to relax. WRONG!!

Holy Cow, did the media guide process pick up today. Since we have sooo many new players, we are getting bios on new players in all shapes, sizer, styles, languages, etc. I have to go through these word for word to make sure they aren't too long, too short, make sure they are all in AP style....and much more. And imagine doing that for someone like Ed Belfour who has been playing hockey since 1988. It's an insanely easy project that can be messed up way way way too easily. Not to mention we have a page limit, so everything must fit.

My other problem is finding stats and bios from last year for our players in the minors, overseas, in college, just drafted, etc. It's nearly impossible to get any information on a 21 year old kid who has only played Under-18 hockey for the majority of his life. But this is the task I have been handed.

I have until Friday to get it done. I will do it.


On a different note, I want to talk about the MLB trade deadline. Everyone is saying how the Mets blew it by not making a move. Actually, the Mets had already made their move. They got El Duque in May. Forget what Pedro, Glavine and Duque are doing now. The Mets have all but clinched the NL East and should get home field in the NL. These three guys will step it up come October. El Duque is a made for October pitcher, Pedro is proven and Glavine, while he has been shaky in October, does have the experience. The Mets will ride these three arms to the World Series like I said they would back in March.

The big losers were the Red Sox. They did nothing, and to dig a deeper hole for themselves, Jason Varitek might be done for the season. He is their captain. Imagine the Yanks losing Jeter. Thats what this is like. I hate saying it, but it looks like the Yanks might pull out the division again. I hope I'm wrong.

I want to say thank you to a few teams also. Thank you to the Marlins for not trading Dontrelle, thanks to the Orioles for not trading Tejada, and thanks to Oakland for not trading Zito, and lastly very very very many thank yous to the Nats for not trading Soriano. It is ludacris to trade your best player just because you think you are out of the race. Keep those players there, build around them. Dont worry about the offseason, worry about now. Worry about putting butts in seats and these teams stuck to their guns and didnt trade their stars. Great Job.

I wish I could say the same about the Pirates who back-tracked another 5 years yet again.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fantasy Football Time

Does anyone realize that the Detroit Tigers have won 70 games in a division that includes the defending Champs and the Twins who have won 95% of their games the past 2 months? Not to mention, its the same League that the Red Sox, Yankees, A's and Angels are in. Yet the Tigers are blowing everyone away.

In the NL, the Mets are soo far in front of everyone its sick. So as of right now it has to be the Mets and Tigers in the Worls Series, right?

Of course not, someone is going to get upset, its inevitable. All I'm praying is that the Twins come back and win the Wild Card, leaving the Yankees or Red Sox and the White Sox out of the playoffs. I'm of course still rooting for my pre-season pick to win the Series, the Angels. They are making the run I expected them to make and if the A's do trade Barry Zito, I think the door will open up for the Angels to win the division.

And as an Orioles fan, I pray the birds don't trade Tejada. Unless of course they can get a Barry Zito type player. The Orioles have plenty of offense, they have lost at least 3 or 4 times the past 10 days while scoring at least 6 runs in those loses. The O's need pitching. And a new owner, but thats a different story.


Ok, so it is fantasy football time again. My Pitt league from last year was awesome. We trash talked the WHOLE season. Luckily, I think we are all still friends, but this year I want to win real bad. Bragging rights on the line big time. My team was sooo bad last year that I started Brooks Bollinger for a week. Not the brightest move but I was out of ideas.

If anyone wants to join the league, I might have a few sports open. It depends on who plays from last year. IM Me and I'll let you know

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour

Sorry I haven't written in a while. Honestly, nothing really happened at the office until yesterday when EVERYTHING happened.

As Im sure all of you know by now we signed Eddie Belfour to come to South Florida. I got the announcement from the intern in our hockey ops department at about 2:30 yesterday. Our GM, head coach, Director of Hockey Ops and Belfour himself are all in Canada for different reasons, so therefore we did the whole Belfour thing via lots of phone calls.

(What I must add here is I grew up a Blackhawks fan for some odd reason and I always loved Belfour. You can say he was one of my heroes growing up. Now I work with him. How cool is that? I cant wait to meet him.)

Before a release was even written, we called all of our media outlets to let them know what was going on and to schedule a 5:30 conference call with our GM Mike Keenan. Then we wrote the release, then we got Keenan on the phone. Then we got Belfour on the phone. It was caos between 2:30-7:00 when I finally left the office. Belfour is a huge recognizable name, so of course everyone is eating this up. Tomorrow we have another Cats Cookout at the BankAtlantic Center and I expect TV crews to be coming out to get fan reaction to signing Belfour.

The reason some of our guys were not in the office was because Jay Bouwmeester took us to arbitration and that meeting Monday afternoon. We got the results today in which Bou was given 2 years at 4.5 mil. Now, I;m just waiting to hear what our front office wants to do. We can either sign him for one year at 2.1 mil or two years at 4.5 mil. If we take the one-year, that makes Bou an unrestricted Free Agent next summer. If we take the two-year deal, he is still Panther property after the contract expires. I expect us to take the 2-years, but you never know. That is tomorrow's agenda.

I'm now feverously working on our pre-season media guide. We are 6 weeks from the opening of camp, and it'll take a week to print, so I have 5 weeks left to put this thing together. What is slowing me down is all of our prospects. I have to find their stats and write bios for them. No one realizes this, but hockey minor leagues are actually more complicated than baseball's minor leagues. Plus, in the NHL, your players can play overseas, but still be your property. So I am going crazy trying to find these stats. But I'm getting it done.

For the actual media guide, I am trying to update each player's stats vs. every team individually. What makes this hard is having to add each team stats for each player. So multiply 30 NHL teams X approximately 25 players = 750 stat lines I must do. It's really simple, but really tedious. But again, I will get it done.

More to come later. When I get a chance, I will update you on the rest of my life. Now its bedtime because I am beat.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Hockey Camps

This week I have been able to go to our summer camps at Incredible Ice (which is also our practice rink). Alex Auld, our new goalie, was there teaching goalie camp so I had to be there in case any reporters showed up, which a few of them did. There were awesome articles on Auld in the Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post today. As a PR guy, articles like these are what make your day. They portray Auld as someone excited for the challenge of being the everyday starter for the Panthers. What made me even happier is that Auld listens to me when I tell him what I need. After spending 6 years working with unappreciative football and basketball players, it is a please to not have to babysit these guys. I tell them they need to do an interview and they come find me when they are finished in the locker room. That is wonderfully amazingly awesome.

Today I got word that we were close to signing a marquee free agent. I cant disclose the name yet because it hasnt happened yet, but check Friday's papers to see if we sign this guy tomorrow. But anywaz, I am prepared for it. I wrote the release and I am ready to get the interviews with our GM and the player. Stay tuned on this one......

I also began working on the game program today. We are going to make approximately 8 different programs during the course of the year. It's a little rough to have to make 41 differents programs so we decided just to split the home season up into 8th's. I need to come up with 8 feature stories that would be good to read so if anyone has any ideas, let me know. You are the audience I am trying to appease for this project.

Well, if we sign this F.A. tomorrow it should be an interesting day that I am looking forward to.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cats Cookout A Success

Thursday nights Cats Cookout was a tremendous success. We had nearly 2000 people there. To have that many people at an event in the offseason for the NHL in a warm climate in absolutely amazing. The three new guys were awesome as well. I personally started off the evening by being the guinny pig when the photographer was setting up his photo shoot. We did the shoot in the cooler underneath the arena because we wanted to guys to look tough, kind of like a hard nose team, etc. Bertuzzi, Allen and Auld were great when they got there and we got some great pictures for ads and the media guide.

Then we took the guys upstairs where they were introduced to their new fans and we split them up to sign autographs. I got to be in charge of the Bryan Allen autograph session. I basically made sure the line kept moving and no one asked him to do anything unresonable. It ent real well and after the autograph session, Todd Bertuzzi went to ice level and played a little street hockey with the kids in attendance.

Finally we took the guys to their new locker room and they had a media session there. I finally got to meet at of our beat writers as well as some local radio and TV guys. We got great coverage in the papers the next day which is a PR Guys biggest show of success. Now I can relax all weekend because free agency is all but over for us and I am focused squarely on the media guide now.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Schedule Release

Wow was today a busy today. We finally released the 2006-07 schedule today but not before a lot of drama. The NHL offices were announcing the schedule at 2:30 which meant we needed a press release by 2:35 to send out locally. And as you can imagine this press release is extremely important. It states our ticket packages, games we are pushing hard and other interesting tidbits on breaking down the schedule. We had to get the schedule approved by the COO and by Mike Keenan's assistant. We got it done but just in time. Check out for the new schedule.

Also today I interviewed Ville Peltonen. I called him in Finland and we talked for a good 30 minutes on him coming to Florida, his goals, his personal life, etc. I'm going to get started on that 700-word story tomorrow. I get to interview Todd Bertuzzi tomorrow and hopefully I can get a hold of Ruslan Salei and Ari Vallin as well, but they are overseas and very hard to contact.

Around 5:30 we got Bertuzzi on ESPN radio in West Palm Beach and we had a conference call with all our beat writers giving them an opportunity to talk to head coach Jaques Martin about the announcement of the schedule.

Tomorrow is a HUGE HUGE day. We have a photo shoot at 4:30 with Bryan Allen, Todd Bertuzzi and Alex Auld, our players from the Luongo trade. After that, we have the Cats Cookout at the BankAtlantic Center where we have 1000 reservations of potential season ticket holders. They will have the chance to meet Auld, Allen and Bertuzzi. After that, we are running a press conference for the media to talk with the three players. Should be a busy afternoon. Welcome to the life of a sports PR Guy.

Monday, July 10, 2006

First Full Week

As my first full week begins, I completed writting the press release that will announce our schedule for the 2006-07 season. I am pleased with myself because I had to come up with tricky little ways to describe some of our home games, and I am particuraly proud of what I called "Scare-dy Cats" because we play at home on Friday the 13th of October and also on Halloween. Ohh I am soooo good..........haha

But I also began furiously working on the pre-season Media Guide and the actual Media Guide for the season. I made a lot of progress updating all the information on the teams we play this year. Lots of coaches, GM's and even Owners changed this year. I also put in some player profiles of some of the new guys on our team, like Rusland Salei.

Sunday I went to a Cats House Party at one of our Season Ticket Holders houses. We had moon bounces, deck hockey, and some fun games and food. Mike Van Ryan was there signing autographs a few weeks before he is going to get married. I brought my mom, she enjoyed it and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I have to put this in too. Eight of us, baseball fans, in the office put $10 each in a pool and we each chose a player in tonight's Home Run Derby. I got the #2 pick and I chose David Ortiz. I think Ryan Howard will win, but how can anyone pass on the most clutch, prolific home run hitter (besides Pujols) in the Derby. So Let's Go Papi!!!

Lastly, I am very excited for the next 3 days. Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen and Alex Auld, the 3 guys we got in the trade for Luongo, are coming to South Florida for the first time. They are going through sooo much in 3 days. We have photo shoots to go through because we need pictures of them in Panther jerseys. They are going to our Summer Camps to sign autographs and teach some things. They are also attending our Cats Cookout in the BankAtlantic Center Parking Lot. They are going to help cook burgers, take pictures, sign autographs and just be visible so people down here can finally meet them.

And most importantly, I am sitting down with Todd Bertuzzi Thursday afternoon for a 1on1 interview before the media get a hold of him, so I can write a nice Q&A story on Todd. I'm very excited for that.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Media Guide

So my first week, even though it was 3 days, is now in the books with the Panthers. I got a lot of assignment today, FINALLY!!!

The first thing I am doing is one of the most important press releases all year. Most press releases take about 10 minutes for me to write, but this one will take a week. It is the release announcing our schedule for the upcoming season. It takes forever because the schedule is changed a bit other the course of the next week. For example, we had a game moved a few days because of a schedule conflict with what I assume to be a concert. But also, we need to break down the schedule on the release, announce meaningful games, like Todd Bertuzzi's return to Vancouver. Also it is our first chance to announce ticket packages. We have a ton of Saturday night home games so I'm sure our sales department will give me a Saturday ticket package to announce. Expect the announcement by the end of next week.

I also began working on our Pre-season Media Guide, not to be confused with the real Media Guide for the season. This guide is just an outlook at the players and the year to come. It's simple, but tedious work because it is a lot of updating stats. Adding this past season's total onto career numbers, adding them together, seeing what records where broken, etc. This isn't due for over a month now but I'm happy that I'm soo far into it already. Obviously, there will be players that we sign or potentially do not sign that will be added or subtracted before rookie camp begins Sept. 6.

Also, I got assigned 4 stories to write for our publications. One story is a Q&A with the newest star Panther Todd Burtuzzi. I'm very excited for this one because Todd will be the first player I get to sit down and get to know. I am either going to talk to him Tuesday or Thursday. He is coming to town this week along with the other ex-Canucks Bryan Allen and Alex Auld. The three will be attending a Panthers Summer Camp at Incredible Ice and participating in the Panthers Cook Out at the Bank Atlantic Center on Thursday. I of course will be there escort in some respects. But again, I'm very excited to speak with him. Today I did some background research so I have great questions to ask him.

The other three stories are on 3 other players that we signed this offseason. One is on Ruslav Salei, the defensemen we signed from Anaheim. The other 2 are a combined story as we signed two players from Finland, where our capitan Olli Yokinen is from. So I am going to write a story on both these new players and their Finnish connection.

I actually get tomorrow off, unless we sign someone which is unlikely. Sunday is another Cats BBQ so I will attend that but it shouldn't be anything too exstensive. I will chime in again next week!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let the Job Begin

I began my job today with the Florida Panthers. After the whole morning was spent signing paperwork and getting my building ID, etc., I actually got to my new desk and began working.

5:00 today was the deadline for players to sign paperwork if they wanted to take us to Salary Arbitration. Seven players decided to do this. But I should explain that most of the time arbitration doesnt happen because a contract is agreed upon waaaaay before the arbitration were to take place. One of the guys who filed for arbitration was our stud young defensemen Jay Bouwmeester. So you can expect the papers tomorrow down here t be asking why we didn't sign him, but I'm not worried. We will get it done before July 15th I think.

We also signed two defensemen today. One who was already on our roster last year and the other was a player who we got from Vancouver in the Luongo-Bertuzzi trade, but we just had to agree to terms with him. I got to write the press release announcing that we signed both these players, or actually just agreed to terms with them to be specific.

So for one day of work, I learned a lot about free agency and salary arbitration. Tomorrow I am going to get started on this season's media guide. There is a ton of work to be done to put together a 300-page guide that must be soooo accurate that you can use it alllllll season long. I must have it done in about a month so I'm not too pressured right now to get it done, but I don't want to leave everything until the last minute.

Well, I'm beat from getting up at 6:30 this morning. My body has to get used to this early morning stuff again. I plan on keeping everyone posted on what a PR guy does for a pro team, so keep reading and post any questions you might have for me in the comments section.

Monday, July 03, 2006

ASG Snubs

The Florida Panthers finally signed the defensemen they so desperately needed. The Panthers got Ruslan Salei from the Anaheim Ducks. Salei is the big menacing defensemen the Panthers had wanted to team up with young sensation Jay Bouwmeester. Although it wasnt who the Panthers were looking for, it is still a strong move in free agency and they only had to spend $3 million a year as opposed to the 6 that Jovonovski got. That means there is $3 mill more to spend this year and that could come in a backup goalie or another forward if we trade Gary Roberts to Toronto. I like the signing becaue it shows the Panthers are doing two thing, 1. Being active and not sitting back, and 2. They will not overpay in a year where defensemen are getting ridiculous contract offers. Again, Salei is not Jovonovski, but he will help a defensive corps that needs to be more physical this year.

As for the MLB All-Star game, lets go over the selections for a moment. As if I didnt hate Ozzie Guillen already. Someone tell me how Curt Schilling is not a pitcher on this team. I understand if he isnt the starter because that I believe Ozzie has every right to reward his own player, Mark Burehle. However, Schilling has sick numbers this year and for that matter, so does Fransisco Liriano and he isnt on the team either. I believe it is time that the players vote for all All-Star reserves and that fans should be able to chose the AS Game starting pitcher.

My biggest problem with the AS Game is how every team must be included. Why is it called ALL-STAR game when people like Mark Redman make it just cause the Royals need someone. It should be called the Almost All-Star game. This is the reason Schill and Liriano are not on the team. Mark Redman's ERA is over 5 and his record is barely .500 (5-4). You call that all-star status? I don't. Why do all the teams need to be represented ayway. Do you think the Kansas City fans won't watch the ASG because no one from their team is represented. HELLS NO. They probably will watch this game because it will be a relief for them to watch good players for a change. This rule has got to be changed.

2 days until I'm officially a Florida Panther!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sports are 4th of July Weekend

Do you know how nice it is to live 2 miles from the beach? I just need some wingment o go with me now. Lots of beautiful girls at the beach today for the 4th of July weekend. I love Ft. Lauderdale beach. It's sooo much better then South Beach.

Anyway, lots of topics today starting with the World Cup. BRAZIL IS OUT. The one thing the French do right is play soccer. Brazil's last 2 World Cup losses (which spans 12 years) are both to France. And now if you ask me, France is the favorite to win. I love Portugal, but England practically gave them the game this morning and they do not belong in the semis. I see Italy and France going at it and Italy winning it all. What a story it will be if Italy, picked to finish third in their Group, and with the scnadals going on in that country, win the "Ugly" trophy as World Cup Champs.

Hockey free agency started 6 hours ago and already the movement is amazing. Zdeno Chara who is literally 10-feet tall and a defensement signed with Boston, the team who I so based just a few days ago. And right about Chara signed, the Bruins signed Marc Savard, a centerman to lead their offense. So basically the Bruins picked up their #1 Center and #1 Defensemen on Day 1 of free agency. I wonder who the big winners are? Amazing for a team that was in such dissary as of 48 hours ago.

Meanwhile, I can't believe the second best Free Agent player available, Ed Jovanovski signed already with Phoenix. Jovo was supposed to come play for my team, the Panthers because he is great friends with Todd Bertuzzi. On top of that, the Coyotes werent even on the radar. Wayne Gretzky just scored one of the biggest goals he even has scored by singing Jovo and with Chara already taken, the Panthers better be in trade talks to get Chris Pronger from Edmonton or else the Panthers might just end up the big losers this free agency period. On top of that, who people were saying the #3 defensemen out there was, Pavel Kubina signed with Toronto, leaving the Panthers in an even bigger hole. There is lots of time left before training camp begins in the NHL but the big winners in the beginning of free agency definately are Boston and Phoenix.

As for baseball, how about those Florida Marlins, in second place in the NL East. This team just shut down the hottest team in the AL last night, the Boston Red Sox. However, lets talk about trade rumors. I hear Miguel Tejada is really on the trade market. If the O's think the only way they can compete is to trade Tejada, let me ask them this............if trading your best players so MAYBE, and I emphasize MAYBE in 3 years the prosepects you get will pan out, then you have issues. In 3 years the Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays will be stronger. You can not compete in the AL East with prospects. What the O's should be doing now is holding tight. Dont trade anyone and this offseason actually sign a damn pitcher, and not a Kris Benson type pitcher; a Tom Glavine, Mike Mussina, Dontrelle Willis type pitcher. Rebuilding will get the O's nowhere and keep butts out of seats, as if that isnt already happening. If Tejada is traded, the O's can kiss the next 5 years goodbye.

For those of you interested, I posted my preseason MLB Picks on a sports betting website. Here is who I predicted just for the record. I have correctly picked at least one of the two postseason participants in 5 of the last 6 years with the exception being 2003 when I picked Cubs/Red Sox and both those teams finished one game away from the series. I got Houston right last year, Boston the year before. 2003 was a bust. 2002 I got San Fran. 2001 I predicted the entire series correct and # of games Yanks vs. Arizona. I'm serious, I picked that one in April, just ask my buddy MILO. And 2000, I got the Yankees in the series. This year Im happy to report Im very wrong with lots of picks. This makes me happy because I think parody is coming back to baseball. The Yanks will not make the playoffs this year which is good for baseball.

My picks from April 1, 2006----
East: Red Sox
Central: Cleveland (wow that looks bad now)
West: Anaheim (looks bad now but I think they can make a run)
W.C. : Oakland (if they win the west can I at least take credit for calling them a playoff team?)
East: Mets
Central: Cards
West: San Fran.
W.C. : Philly (horrible pick, I apologize)

Worls Series:
Anaheim vs. Mets
Anaheim in 6 as Champs (still holding my breathe for this one, but I think I can definately get the Mets in the Series this year.)

Last thing before I go. Andre Agassi will be missed at Wimbledon, and I pick him to make it to the semi-finals if not win the US Open and he will go out on top. The truest form of rivalry is Agassi/Sampress. No one will ever take that away. That was a friendly I wanna kick your ass rivalry. No fights, no curses, just the best tennis ever.

Friday, June 30, 2006


Wow what a match. I just watched Germany beat Argentina in penalty kicks. But I have to say that the penalty kicks ruined the game. No one deserves to move on in the greatest championship in the world by kicking a soceer ball into a huge net from 10 feet away. Its soo stupid to me. It is soo hard to score a goal in soceer, yet it is almost impossible not to score on a penalty kick. It's ridiculous. Make the penalty kick harder. Move it back another 10-20 feet. I dont mind ending games in penalty kicks but its way to easy to score. In hockey penalty shots to decide a goal are ok because it's still hard to score on a goalie on a breakaway. But, even though my wishful thinking champion is out, my 2nd place prediction (Brazil) and my third place predicition (Germany) are still alve. So all in all, I'm not doing too bad with my predictions this World Cup.

Now, let's talk about baseball and the AL Central. Does anyone else realize that the Twins are winning 55% of their games are are still a double digit number of games behind the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox. There is still a whole half of a season to go, but it would be a shame to see the Wild Card be 6-8 games worse then the Red Sox or Yankees and not have home field advantage in the first round. What is great though is that the Yankees will not make the playoffs this year like I predicted. Yes the Yankees are doing pretty well without a number of their stars in the lineup, but the Red Sox are just way too strong and such a complete team. The Sox seems o have finally put on the cruise control and I expect them to strenthen their lead to 5 games by next week's All-Star game.

Tonight starts the battle of some inter-city rivals. Mets/Yanks, Cubs/Sox, and Angels/Dodgers. The Mets were made to look real vulnerable by the Red Sox the past 3 days. This weekend we will find out if it is the Sox that are amazing or the Mets that are scuffling. However, I do expect tonight's starter El Duque to put on a stellar performance for the Mets. He loves the spotlight and loves Yankee Stadium. He will win tonights game unless the Mets bullpen blows it for him.

Do I even have to talk about Cubs/Sox. All Sox all the time even though I hate Ozzie Guillen. The Cubs really are cursed. PERIOD.

Angels/Dodgers is very interesting. The Angels are my biggest dissapointment of the season, not the Indians. The Angels were my World Series pick and they have just underachieved all year. If they wanna be in this race in the West they must get some momentum in the LA series. Bartolo Colon starts tonight and must start making quality starts. Maybe Jered Weaver should be brought up again to provide a spark. Something has to be done.
For the Dodgers, they are in the best race in any division. 4 teams hanging around to fight it out. SO for the NL West, these interleague games mean sooooo much more. They can get out of division wins before battling it out with each other in August. The team with the best interleague record will control this division after the All-Star break.

Happy 4th of July everyone

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mark Cuban and Dan Marino?

Ahhhh finally I'm back and posting again. I lost my password to update and it took me until this afternoon to figure it out. I'm such an idiot.

Hockey on my mind to start the day. The Boston Bruins fired head coach Mike Sullivan and will reportidly hire Dave Lewis who is a former Detroit coach. And if anyone didn't know Mike McOnnell was ousted as the GM of Boston a month ago. I stated a few posts back about Joe Thornton being traded from Boston and this is the fallout of that horrendous trade. Unfortunately even though it wasn't Mike Sullivan's fault, he still gets the blame for a horrible season. The Bruins are correctly cleaning house, but they have a long road ahead of them to rebuild one of the most proud franchises in the NHL. If the rest of the NHL is smart, they will never hire McOnnell ever again. He was a horrible GM and doesn't even deserve another chance.

One more hockey thing. As everyone should know Mario Lemeiux is selling the Penguins. I personally hope the buyers keep the team in Pittsburgh and the newest group to bid on the Pens would do just that and they are my favorite choice. Mark Cuban and Dan Marino have joined the newest bidders to try and get the Pens. If you don't know, Mark Cuban is from the burgh and so is Marino. If Cubs and Marino get their hands on the Pens, there is no chance in hell that team moves from Pittsburgh, which is best for that city. Pittsburgh is the best sports town I have ever been to. Boston is up there, but never before have I seen a city embrass their sports teams like in the burgh. So I really pray the Pens stay in the burgh and get a beautiful new arena for me to come visit when I come into town with the Panthers.

And speaking of Pittsburgh, I wish Cuban and Marino could buy the Pirates too. Its soo sad that the Pirates havent had a winning season since Barry Bonds was on the team and they now are in the midst of their longest losing streak in 70 years. This was supposed to be the year the buccos won 75-82 games. Instead it will be a year they try not to lose 100 games. I dont blame front office, coach or players. I blame the OWNER who bought the team a few years Kecin McClatchy. He promised that he had millions more dollars then he really does and since he took over, he got one the the Top 5 stadiums in the country in PNC Park, the All-Star game this year and he traded away Jason Schmidt and Aramis Ramirez. In 2 years, maybe less, Jason Bay will be gone too because he can't afford them. McClatchy if you couldnt afford it, why did you do it? Let someone else buy the team and bring back the Pirate tradition. And if that person doesn't have too much money, maybe they should go next door to the Steeler and ask the Rooney family how they have been successful for soooo long while not having the revenue a NYC or Boston based team does. Sure the NFL has a salary cap, but why then do the A's and Twins, and even the Marlins compete year in and year out. Its absurd that the Buccos cant put together an 80-win season. JUST DO IT MCCLATCHY. GET IT DONE

Enough ranting for now. One week from today I start my job with the Florida Panthers and then I will be documenting a few times a week what goes on in a professional spots teams front office.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Like Old Times

It was a great week at home. I saw everyone I hadn't seen in a while. Last night I went to a bar in DC with my groupies from high school. Everyone was married, engaged or in a serious relationship except me. Oh well, my Ms. Perfect hasnt arrived yet.

But anywaz, this bar had beer from all over the world so I made a world tour and had at least one beer from every continent. It was a lot of fun drinking LION beer from Sri Lanka. That was my favorite.

Tomorrow its back to the sweltering hot South Florida. 10 days until I begin my job with the Florida Panthers. By the way, the NHL Draft was Saturday night and for the first time I can ever remember, the majority of the first round players were American born. While hockey is still not a very popular sport in this country, it is growing at amazing rates among young people. More kids want to play hockey now and thats really really good.

Today I went to Oriole Park for my dad's birthday. I have been to many ballparks and still Oriole Park is by far the best Stadium for baseball. I absolutely love it. The O's lost today but I still had a blast because of the setting. Oriole Park set the precedent for what the new stadiums look like and you can never beat the Original.

Did anyone else see David Beckham's goal today. Wow, he sure Bent it like Beckham and England again looks bad but wins a game. I wonder how good this team will be when they finally play well. And a shocker to me was the Netherlands losing in the Sweet 16. Now if Ghana can handle Brazil Tuesday (hahahahaha) Ill be very very happy.

Thats all for now. Im hoping the Fish can hang on to this 5-0 lead they have in the 8th against the Yanks!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

All I want is competitive teams

Sorry I havent posted in a while, it's been a crazy week at my parents house. First I spent the night at GW. That was a lot of fun. I got to meet my friend's new boyfriend and spent the night at my other friend's new place in DC, which has a view of the Washington Monument (very cool).

I got to go to the Orioles game Wednesday night. Thank God it wasnt Thursday night, I will get into that in a moment. But Wednesday night I got to the game as the gates opened at 5:00. As I was walking through the gate onto the flagcourt in Orioles Park, I almost got hit by a home run ball. It bounced next to me and I caught in on a bounce. The Orioles played an amazing game that night. Erik Bedard pitched a beautiful game, only 2 pitches away from being perfect. I also got to go to one of my favorite bars after the game, Pickles Pub.

Now to the Orioles game last night. I dont know if I've ever seen a bigger meltdown then that. 5-1 in the 9th, and between three pitchers the Orioles lose 8-5 in 10 innings. What was most shocking was Todd Williams' attempt at a pitch-out that Miguel Cabrera spanked into centerfield for an RBI single. Williams tried to throw a pitch-out and it ended up looking like a slow pitch softball pitch right over the middle of the plate. Now I dont agree with what Ozzie Guillen did to his rookie the other night, but if Sammy Perlozzo didnt go ape-shit on Williams after that, I dont know what it will take to fire up this team.

Everyone says the Knicks are the worst franchise in sports, but I look at the Orioles (my favorite team, and always will be) as right there with the Knicks. The payroll on this team in over 100 million. Tejada is the best SS in the game. Melvin Mora is a superstar. But with all this money they spend, it NEVER EVER produces results. I know the AL East is ridiculously stacked, but its getting to the point where enough is enough. Its time for a complete housing of the front office and I wish that could include Peter Angelos. As much as I hate the Yanks and Sox, you have to respect the way both of those front offices go get whatever it is they need. And if money is the issue, which is isn't, why can't anyone take a hint from the A's or Twins, who are always involved in the race. I'm rambling now because I'm tired of the Orioles Never being in the race.

As for USA Soccer. Did anyone care besides Brian McBride? Landon Donovon, dont ever play for the USA again. Demarcus Beasley, nice pass against Ghana, but thanks for RUNNING like we wanted you to. Capitan Reyna, thannks for nothing. Great capitan work. I got no problem with people who show effort. No one except McBride showed me any effort.

And Bruce Arena, who I love from his DC United days, what happened to you. You became timid, shy, unwilling to take a risk. OK the Czech kicked our ass, but in Game 2, you only used 2 subs when we were down to only 9 men. I dont care if you thought I sub wouldnt make a difference in the result. How about giving one of those 9 guys a breather since they were hustling their ass off out there. What a dumb decision. In game 3, there was never any attacking. Why was there only 1 attacker at a time? This "new" ball they are using makes it easy to score by 30-50 yards out. If thats the case, how did we manage only 4 shots in 3 games. Could it be because you only had 1 attacker at a time? I will not give up on USA Soccer. I only want to see a different way to chose players next time. And maybe a different coach, unless Arena goes back to his aggresive ways.

Congrats to the Miami Heat I guess, or should I say congrats to Dwayne Wade. Billy Simmons said it on Page 2 of and Mark Cuban talked about it on his blog. The Mavericks were more of a team that almost and should've won the NBA Championship. The Spurs and Pistons are real teams. The Heat are Dwayne Wade. Shaq is done, Zo is done, Payton is done. Wade single handidly won the championship and the NBA is now in trouble. Only Wade, LeBron and maybe Kobe can singlehandidly take their teams by themselves. But if the NBA teams think they can now win with one superstar we are going to go back to the Allen Iverson days of superstars going 10-99 from the field. I'm very critical of the NBA, I know, but I watched a few games and I find it boring when its a 1 on 1 game. Just my opinion.

Last thing I want to talk about it Joe Thornton. For those of you that don't know, Joe Thornton led the NHL in points and just won the MVP for this season. He was traded to the San Jose Sharks from the Boston Bruins on November 20th. Why the Bruins traded him, no one knows. The Boston papers said it at the time and it really is true. That trade might be the worst trade in sports history. For the Bruins, it might be like when the Red Sox gave away Babe Ruth, its that dumb. Thornton led the Sharks to second round of the playoffs and has the weapons in San Jose to win the Cup next year. The Bruins on the other hand are going nowhere. The draft is Saturday night, but there is no Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin in this draft. Wow, Boston, you mess up again.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes

What a Stanley Cup Finals it was and thank goodness for the NHL, the team from the USA won. Someone is going to luck out now and get Martin Gerber as their goalie since I think Cam Ward just won the starting job for the Canes next season. Incredible Game 7 atmosphere. Bravo, Carolina fans. Not only did u sing the National Anthem, you didnt sit down the entire game. That was awesome. I loved the enthusiasm. 2 times in a row now a team from the Southeast has won the Cup. I believe hockey is growing in the USA.

The NHL Draft is Thursday and the experts are expected the majority of players to be American born for the first time in a long time. The USA has better junior leagues now and college hockey is thriving. The NHL is down because of the lockout but I truely see it making a complete recovery when stars like Sidney Crosby and Ovechkin start making the playoffs and winning cups.

So to the NHL, I say congrats on a great recovery season and here's to looking forward to next season and the NHL getting better and better and reaching what it was back in the 1990's.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Heroics

I went to the Nats/Yankees game today and I have to say it was one of the best baseball games I have ever been to. Now you must understand I hate the Yankees more then anything else in this world, so of course I'd say the Yanks win about 90% of the time I go root against them. Now today's game was nowhere near as good as some of the Orioles Playoffs games I went to, and it will never match up to when I saw Rob Mackoviack hit two game winning home runs in the same doublerheaer in Pittsburgh. However, anytime the Yankees lose, my day is made. And today Ryan Zimmerman, a phenominal rookie from the DC area, hit a 2-run Walk-off home run to beat the Yanks 3-2. Nothing is better then Yankee fans thinking they have a win and then grasping it from them on a walk-off. Nothing beats Yankee fareweather fans like they are, with their heads up their asses after losing on a walk-off. It is almost surreal. It also made it better because I was with my dad and we both share the Yankee hatred passion together.

I also just watched the end of the Cal State Fullerton/Georgia Tech elimination baseball game. CSF was down by one and scored 3 runs with 2 outs in the top of the 9th to win. I think college baseball is awesome. Although I do hate the "ping". Miami looked awesome against Oregon State yesterday, but I still think Clemson is the team to beat in Omaha. North Carolina has two starters who were picked in the 1st round so you cant go against pitching. It does seem to be the ACC's tournament. What a conference they had this year.

Game 7 tomorrow night in the NHL. As soon as the Oilers won game 5, I think everyone knew this series was going 7. Now, I do think Edmonton has the edge going into this game, but once Carolina hears the roar of its home crowd, I expect it to be Carolina's night. I'm going with a 4-2 win for Carolina and the Cup stays in the USA. What a wonderful thing for hockey to have their finals go 7 games this season. I hope people watch tomorrow night because Game 7 in any sport is something you can't miss, but in hockey Game 7 of the finals means Lord Stanley's Cup will be given away regardless of what happens and that is a special thing.

Game 5 tonight for the Heat and Mavs. I said it a few days back, I expected the Heat to take 2/3 at home and lose in 6 games. So I'm sticking to my words and saying Dallas adjusts and wins this game without Stack. Dirk will go for 40 and Dallas wins by 7.

Happy Father's Day Everyone

Friday, June 16, 2006

Party Weekend

Last night was awesome. I watched the Heat game at my buddy's house who just got back from Iraq. We ended up watching the game, talking and drinking till 5 AM. Now today I'm heading to Deleware to see a fraternity brother who I havent seen in a long time. Its nice to come home and see old friends.

Anyway, the Heat finally showed up yesterday and made this series, well, a series. I still believe the Mavs will win in 6, but at least the Heat finally showed up. I can't imagine Dirk having another bad game on Sunday. In fact, I'd expect him to light it up for about 40 on Sunday. I think the 3 day layover is better for the Mavs then the ailing Heat. Yes, Wade gets to rest, but as he said post-game, he is in a rhythm right now and 3 days off could only hurt that rhythm.

The Mavs on the other hand have 3 days to regroup and find a way to defend Wade. I expect a steller performance from the Mavs on Sunday and to win 101-94. Then Tuesday night will finish the series off in Dallas.

Tomorrow the USA has a chance to get some revenge on its nay-sayers. I'm excited to watch and as said in previous posts I expect the USA to win 2-1.

I also see Edmonton winning game 6 tomorrow night and I cant wait to sit on my ass all day Saturday, watching the USA and then the STanley Cup Finals. Should be a fun day.

Interleague play resumes tonight. While Im still not the biggest fan of interleague play, it does bring some unique match-ups. DC will get to see the Yankees, the O's and Nats resume their rivalry next weekend. The Mets play the O's this weekend, splitting my family in half. So its fun, and at the end of this week, baseball will be in fun swing with the NBA, NHL and US Open being over and the USA most likely out of the World Cup within the next 8 days. Then I will start analyzing baseball a lot more.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And on to Edmonton for Game 6

Oh My God, did you see that game? I really thought Carolina would put away Edmonton tonight, but the Oilers just wanted it more. Its amazing to me how much was made over the Power Play for the Oilers and it ends up being their penalty KILL that wins the game for them.

You have to think the Oilers have all the momentum right now. They head home for Game 6 and Can Ward, who was gonna be the MVP of the Playoffs, gave up 4 goals tonight. Now that award is up in the air and so is this series.

However, I still believe Carolina wins this series, I just believe it will take 7 games now. What I will be curious to see is the ratings for this game. There was no NBA, or World Cup to watch. The game was on National TV (NBC) and the only other thing to watch was Wednesday Night Baseball on ESPN.

I would bet that the ratings in the 3rd period and OT were a lot better then the other 4 games. With an exciting game like this one, hopefully more people tune in Saturday night for Game 6. I can't wait. This is why I love hockey soooo much. I was on the edge of my seat for the duration of this game. Phew!!!!! I can breathe now and rest knowing I have at least one more hockey game to watch this year!!

End of the NHL Season

Tonight in Carolina comes the greatest trophy presentation in all of sports.........the Stanley Cup. I believe Carolina will seal the deal tonight with a 3-1 victory. Cam Ward will be his brilliant self, and Rod Brind'Amor will score the game winner. Staal will most likey add one of the other goals and add an assist.

On a side note, one of Staal's brothers is in this year's draft which takes place next week. I hear the Panthers are interested in him. If he is as good as his brother, I'd love to work with him next season.

Anyway, I feel for Edmonton, but they did have a nice run this year that they will build off of next year as long as Rholesen is healthy. Chris Pronger must put the defense on his back and take over this game if Edmonton has any chance of winning. He must provide the spark on the power play which is a pathetic 1-26 in this series. Only way the Oilers win tonight is by scoring a power play goal. Not gonna happen. Cup goals to Carolina.

On to the World Cup where Germany pulled out an amazing win this afternoon against Poland. In the last minute of regulation Germany hit the post twice in a span of 5 seconds. Then in stoppage time, Germany final gets the only goal of the game and wins 1-0.

As for the USA, Im going to say this 3 days in advance. The USA will beat Italy. Now we are back to how the USA played so well in 2002, they are the decisive underdog. Everyone in the USA heard for a month how this was the best US Soccer team ever and how they could beat anyone. I fell for the hype and so did the rest of this country. And now after the Czech debacle the USA is again the underdog where no one expects them to win EVER AGAIN. Soooooooo, this is when the USA will be at its best. Plus, I found out that Bruce Arena scouted Italy himself. Scouting is normally something assistants do. So I believe Arena knew this Italy game would big HUGE. I expect lineup changes and I expect the USA players to actually hustle on Saturday. USA wins 2-1 Saturday at 2:30. You heard it here first.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I haven't written since the USA World Cup debacle. Unbelievable how flat footed they came out yesterday. Unfortunately it doesnt look like my prediction of the USA winning it all will happen this time. If the USA can somehow get out of their group they will almost assuradly face Brazil in the Round of 16................ouch!!

Yesterday was a set back for American soccer. I'd go as far as to say that the USA is still 4 years away from being a decent soccer program. What a dissapointment.

It looks like the NHL and NBA Finals are all but over. The Heat are down 0-2, but they do get 3 straight home games. However, the Heat just look flat out awful. Lets not talk about how bad Shaq is because Shaq isnt the only problem. His free throws are big, but everyone on the Heat have looked slow and old compared to Dirk and Company. Must win tonight for the Heat and I believe they do win 2 of 3 at home, but Dallas will get this series in 6.

The Carolina Hurricanes look like they will do as I predicted and win the Cup in 5 games. A great win for the Canes last night and Cam Ward looks like he will pick up the MVP of the playoffs. I'm happy for Rod Brind'Amor. I hated him with the Flyers but you have to appreciate what he is doing and feel good for him. This will be the 2nd straight southern team to win the Cup (TB 2 years ago), which is awesome for hockey. The north and Canada will always be hockey fans, but it is the south that needs to be won and NHL teams in the south constantly winning will help with the painfully process.

Please, even if you do not like hockey, turn on Game 5 in the 3rd period and watch the greatest trophy presentation in any sports including soccer, football, baseball, whatever. The raising of Lord Stanley's Cup is the most unbelievable site in sports. Please watch it even if you do not like hockey.

Baseball is my sport and there is a lot going on in baseball, and in about 3 weeks baseball will take center stage when the NBA, NHL and World Cup are over. Im enjoying watching the Tigers, and Reds right now. Great stories!!

Im also going to 3 baseball games next week. Yanks at Nats, Marlins at O's and Nats at O's. I can't wait, should be great!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I just finished completing my bracketology for the World Cup and I wanted to share it before we get any deeper into the Tournament. For those of u who are unfamiliar with how this works, the top 2 teams from Group Play move on to a single elimination Sweet 16 Tournament.

My Group winners and runners-up (teams that advance)
A: Germany, Ecuador
B: England, Paraguay
C: Argentina, Netherlands
D: Mexico, Portugal
E: USA, Italy
F: Brazil, Croatia
G: France, Korea
H: Spain, Tunisia

In the Sweet 16 I have Germany defeating Paraguay, England over Ecuador, Argentina over Portugal, Netherlands over Mexico, USA over Croatia, Brazil over Italy, France over Tunisia and Korea over Spain.

Elite 8 I have Germany over Argentina, England over Netherlands, USA over France and Brazil over Korea.

Final Four sets up England vs. Brazil and Germany vs. USA
I think that Brazil is the most dominate team in the World Cup. They have the Michael Jordan of soceer in Ronaldinho and they have all the experience from 5 previous World Cup winners. So for that reason they should easily handle England who will be completely overmatched.

The USA would be a shocker to the world if they get this far. I have them winning a killer group with the #2 Czech and an Italy team that seems like they are in disarray now but they always show up and play well in this competition. Germany as the host country has an edge in this year's Cup and their offense is very explosive (4 goals in their first match). However, I think their defense leaves a lot to be desired and the USA can exploit that and score almost at will. This should be a high scoring semi-final, somewhere around 4-3 USA.

That sets up a USA vs. Brazil Final. I know I'm crazy but I'm taking the USA. Taking Brazil would be like taking Duke in the NCAA Tournament. You got to go out on a limb here. The USA would be completely overmatched in this game, but this could be the "Miracle on Grass". It's been a quarter of a century since a USA National team did something absolutely remarkable. I think it happens here and the USA wins the World Cup.

3rd place winner goes to Germany.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Shaka Hislop

Never heard of the name Shaka Hislop? Well now you should. What a performance by the backup goalie for Trinadad and Tobago. This country has never been to a World Cup and just tied Sweden 0-0. That is just as big an upset as George Mason getting to the Final Four. I just dont understanf how Americans dont like Soceer. That game and the England game for that matter were sooo exciting to watch even though in 4 hours of watching the World Cup today I've seen one goal and it happen in the first five minutes or at about 9:15 AM this morning. Great start to the World Cup, now Im gonna watch Argentina play another heavy underdog, the Ivory Coast.

Tonight Miami plays Ole Miss in the Super Regionals and I think Miami is the much better team, but so far the first game of the Super Regionals has been upset city. Unfortunately Clemson came back to win yesterday, but Georgia just got BLOWN AWAY by a heavy underdog South Carolina team that hit 5 homers in 2nd inning alone. I think Miami just hit its stride and should handle Ole Miss tonight.

Well it only took 10 days, but we finally have our first Tropical Storm on its way, forming off the west coast of Cuba. Here we go again. Thankfully Im just supposed to get rain, but it puts a real damper on my beach opportunities this weekend.

Now back to watching the World Cup!!

Friday, June 09, 2006


And so it begins....................

The World Cup that is. I've been saying for four years now that this is the USA's year to win it all. I believe they have the talent to do it. We will find out right away as the US plays #2 Czech in the first game. I dont expect the US to win this game, but I do expect them to beat Ghana and then it will all come down to the Italy game to move on to the Round of 16. Obviously Brazil, Germany and Czech are favorites, but I loved how Ecuador played today and their game against Germany should be awesome. I will try to write more on the Cup as it goes on. I'm going to study some games and try to predict outcomes. I know I didn't post them today but I was 2-0 picking Germany (easy pick) and Ecuador (not as easy a pick).

The Heat flattened out in Game 1 of the finals, but that was to be expected. The Mavs at home should've won game 1. I want to say this about the NBA Finals. It is soooo fricken dumb to have the 2-3-2 format. This gives the Heat or underdog team almost no chance of winning at home. It is hard to win 4 of 5 games against a team that has already won 12 previous playoff games. I love how baseball and hockey have the 2-2-1-1-1 format. I know it is rough on travel, like it is in the NHL this year with teams on completely opposite ends of North America, but it is the best for the fans, and without the fans there is no sport. In today's world, it is sooo incredible easy to get an interview, travel, etc, so there should be no excuse about writers not having enough time to write stories because of travel, or teams being tired from tavel. COME ON, they charter a plane for crying out loud. And they sleep on the plane. Its not like they even carry their own luggage. Its carried for them. Go with the 2-2-1-1-1 format. Its much better.

I must also comment on the Jason Grimsley incident. Does anyone else realize the magnitude of this. The Feds are involved with the Steroids issue and the HGH issue. If that doesnt scare anyone away from using illegal substances, I dont know what will. Go ahead Jason, tell them allllll the names u know. I completely am in favor of keeping locker room talk secret, but normally locker room talk is about whos wife is hott, not something illegal like this. I honestly never thought Jose Canseco's book would have this amazing impact on the game of baseball. But I want people to remember this.............there was a dead ball era in baseball......why?.........because pitchers were cheating with scuffed balls, spitballs, and much more. In every sport people try to gain an edge and now that juicing is no longer hidable, something else will happen to try and gain that edge. Its gonna happen. The sport is still pure. I'll end this pointless blabber on this............If you go 85 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, but dont get pulled over, did you break the law?
So if Barry Bonds took steroids or HGH and didnt get caught, did he break the law?

All responses welcome.

Last note for the day. College World Series. If Miami can get to Omaha I might go to the Series to see my friend play. Miami plays Ole Miss in a best of 3 series for the right to go to Omaha. Currently, Clemson (#1 seed) is losing to Oral Roberts. ORU has to win 2 games, but even if they win one thats amazing. Go ORU!! and I never thought Id say this, but Go CANES!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Game 2

First to update you, my friend Chris was drafted as the 42nd overall pick to the St. Louis Cardinals. He was pretty excited last night when we went to dinner to celebrate. The Single-A team for the Cards is in West Palm Beach and he thinks that is where they will send him to start.

As for tonight. The Stanley Cup FInals Game 2 is about to begin. How can you go against Carolina now. Momentum and a real goalie has the Canes the heavey favorite now. But as Lee Corso would say.............not so fast my friend. In this new hockey games, goals are coming more often then ever. I expect lots of blocked shots by Edmonton's Defense and I expect lots of goals from the Oiles. They know they must step up and score 5 goals tonight. I'm sooooooo pumped. Game 2 about to begin!!

Now to the TV!!

Game 2

First to update you, my friend Chris was drafted as the 42nd overall pick to the St. Louis Cardinals. He was pretty excited last night when we went to dinner to celebrate. The Single-A team for the Cards is in West Palm Beach and he thinks that is where they will send him to start.

As for tonight. The Stanley Cup FInals Game 2 is about to begin. How can you go against Carolina now. Momentum and a real goalie has the Canes the heavey favorite now. But as Lee Corso would say.............not so fast my friend. In this new hockey games, goals are coming more often then ever. I expect lots of blocked shots by Edmonton's Defense and I expect lots of goals from the Oiles. They know they must step up and score 5 goals tonight. I'm sooooooo pumped. Game 2 about to begin!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MLB Draft

I am all moved into my new apartment. I'm just waiting on a dresser to be delievered by my friend Chris. However, he isnt going to be delivering it today because today is the MLB Draft and Chris is the closer for Miami's baseball team and is projected to go in the first round today.

Chris is projected to be somewhere between pick 15-35. He invited me to go out to dinner with his family and a few friends tonight after he essentially becomes a millionaire. We are going to a fancy Chinese restaurant on South Beach to celebrate. I'm pretty pumped. The online menu said items at this place are between $35-$50 A PLATE. HOLY TOLEDO!!!!

So in other news, I went grocery shopping today for my new place and I got stopped by a draw bridge on my way home. How cool is it to be stopped by a draw bridge on the way to ur house? Its the little things that excite me, really!!

How bout the Stanley Cup Finals Game 1. What a game!! Rohlesson being hurt really kills Edmonton. I cant see this series going more then 5 games now unfortunately. But Carolina deserves it. They have played well all year and while Edmonton is a nice story being an 8-seed, Id rather see the team that had the better season win the Cup.

As for the Miami Heat, this city is going nuts. Every radio station, store, etc. has Heat fevor and I cant blame them. It is exciting and I hope the Heat win just so I can say I live where Champions play. Go Heat tonight!!!

The Orioles have looked good the past two nights. Destroying the Yanks, then shutting out the Blue Jays. I hope this can keep up and I sure hope the Red Sox can turnj it around and beat the Yanks. I cant stand when the Yankees win. Even though I hate Boston, Id perfer the Sox over the Yanks anyday.

Thats all for now. I cant wait for dinner tonight and I'll write back later with where Chris was drafted and how dinner was.

MLB Draft

I am all moved into my new apartment. I'm just waiting on a dresser to be delievered by my friend Chris. However, he isnt going to be delivering it today because today is the MLB Draft and Chris is the closer for Miami's baseball team and is projected to go in the first round today.

Chris is projected to be somewhere between pick 15-35. He invited me to go out to dinner with his family and a few friends tonight after he essentially becomes a millionaire. We are going to a fancy Chinese restaurant on South Beach to celebrate. I'm pretty pumped. The online menu said items at this place are between $35-$50 A PLATE. HOLY TOLEDO!!!!

So in other news, I went grocery shopping today for my new place and I got stopped by a draw bridge on my way home. How cool is it to be stopped by a draw bridge on the way to ur house? Its the little things that excite me, really!!

How bout the Stanley Cup Finals Game 1. What a game!! Rohlesson being hurt really kills Edmonton. I cant see this series going more then 5 games now unfortunately. But Carolina deserves it. They have played well all year and while Edmonton is a nice story being an 8-seed, Id rather see the team that had the better season win the Cup.

As for the Miami Heat, this city is going nuts. Every radio station, store, etc. has Heat fevor and I cant blame them. It is exciting and I hope the Heat win just so I can say I live where Champions play. Go Heat tonight!!!

The Orioles have looked good the past two nights. Destroying the Yanks, then shutting out the Blue Jays. I hope this can keep up and I sure hope the Red Sox can turnj it around and beat the Yanks. I cant stand when the Yankees win. Even though I hate Boston, Id perfer the Sox over the Yanks anyday.

Thats all for now. I cant wait for dinner tonight and I'll write back later with where Chris was drafted and how dinner was.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Moving Day

Today is moving day. I am about to move from the MIA 305 to the FLL 954. I leased an apartment in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. It is 6 blocks from Las Olas Blvd where everything is in the FLL. I think it's nice, but you have to come check it out for yourself.

Well Miami is going crazy over the Heat. Everyone here was sooooooo worried about the Heat and how much better the Pistons were during the regular season. I think I was the only one that said who cares. As long as they didnt finish worse then 3rd in the East, they were fine (dont wanna face Det in the Conf. Semis). Now we have a great NBA Final with 2 teams who have never been there before. I believe that the Heat are just too strong and have way way way too much experience in SHAQ. Who is going to guard Shaw in the finals?, dont wanna get him in foul trouble. Do they still have Shawn Bradley? Maybe he can play. I LOVE the Heat in 6.

And on to the better sport.............the Stanley Cup Finals!! Emonton vs. Carolina to begin tomorrow. I want to say Carolina is the better team, with the better goalie. However, Edmonton has suprised everyone they have played so far.But Cinderella's slipper is coming off. For the second year time a row a Canadian team will lose in the Finals. I like Carolina in 5, but I hope it's 7.

As for baseball, Im soo dissapointed in my Birds. As I said they got the Yanks when the Yanks are the most vulnerable. But of course the O's pitching didnt hold up and the birds have lost 6-5 in both games of the series. Today is a must win.

DAMN IT, it just began to rain. Moving in the rain is no fun.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Apartment Searching

So the past 2 days I have spent looking for apartments in Ft. Lauderdale. I am down to 2 options I think. Three guys who know my boss at the Panthers need a 4th roomate. They have talked to a few people and that probably is my best option if they offer it to me. The other choice is a nice little 1 bedroom in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. It is 4 blocks from Las Olas Blvd. which is the main restaurant/bar strip in Lauderdale. I can also roller blade to the beach from there. This is my #1 choice but living with 3 other people is a lot cheaper so I'll have to take that place if its available. I'll keep you posted.

As for tonight, Miami is buzzing. The Heat should and in my opinion WILL win the Eastern Conference tonight at home. I'll probably go out to a bar to watch and enjoy the atmosphere even though most people there will be bandwagon fans.

Did anyone watch game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals. WHAT A GAME!! I'm telling you, hockey keeps me on the edge of my seat for 3 hours. It's amazing. I'm happy for Carolina and the NHL because we (i can see we now since i am in the NHL) need the Carolinas of the world to be good and better improve the hockey fan base. I cant wait for the Stanley Cup Finals. I like Carolina in 6, but it wouldn't suprise me to see this series end in 5 or 7 because those are home games for Carolina. It's very very very hard to win in Edmonton.

Orioles vs. Yankees also starts tonight. To me this is a big deal. I cant stand losing to the Yanks and right now the Yanks are the most vulnerable they have been in 10 years. Too many injuries for them. For the birds, its all about the pitching and I like Kris Benson going tonight. I hope for the birds to take 2/3. They can do it. I know they can. ORIOLES MAGIC

Thats all for now. I'll post again when I get an apartment.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Key West

Wow, what an amazing 3 days. I celebrated getting my job by going to Key West. My friend Tracie has a time share in Key West so I got to stay in a beautiful hotel right on the water for free. It was soooo awesome. I spent 3 days not worrying about anything at all, STRESS FREE!!
On Monday, I got up early and went fishing. Me and 3 other people caught 10 "keeper" Snapper fish. In total we caught about 25 fish but most were too small to keep. We also caught an eel and a barracuda. That night me and tracie's brother cooked the fish on a grill on the beach. Fresh fish with a view of the ocean is soo relaxing.
On Tuesday I went snorkeling. I bought an underwater camera but the pictures didnt come out too well. Oh well, it was still an amazing time and the boat served free beer on the ride home, plus we sailed home at sunset so I got some sweet pictures of the Key West Sunset.
I had some Key Lime Pie, the best pie ever, and I went to Margarittaville, Sloppy Joe's, Fat Tuesday's and the Green Parrott.
Well thats just a brief synopsis of my trip. IM me for Pics if you are interested.
Tomorrow I got to start looking for an apartment in Ft. Lauderdale.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Fresh Start

OK, so I'm going to try this blog thing again. I just got a job with the Florida Panthers and I want to document what it is like to be a Sports P.R. person for a professional sports team. I am going to be the Panthers communications assistant. So I will be creating the media guide this summer and attending the NHL Draft and rookie camp. I have to write tons of press releases and schedule interviews for players and coaches. I will be running the press box at home games and assisting the home team in the press box at away games. I am going to travel to a bunch of away games, but my boss getsw to go to more then I do.

The Panthers have a crazy pre-season schedule that I hope I get to attend most games. They play at Edmonton and at Colorado. Also the Panthers are in talks to play the Rangers in Puerto Rico to try and promote the sport of hockey. I'll keep you posted. If anyone has questions about what I do, feel free to post a reply and I will try to respond quickly.

I'll also post some of my other opinions in this blog. I'm excited to post my activities in here. It all starts today.