Friday, June 23, 2006

All I want is competitive teams

Sorry I havent posted in a while, it's been a crazy week at my parents house. First I spent the night at GW. That was a lot of fun. I got to meet my friend's new boyfriend and spent the night at my other friend's new place in DC, which has a view of the Washington Monument (very cool).

I got to go to the Orioles game Wednesday night. Thank God it wasnt Thursday night, I will get into that in a moment. But Wednesday night I got to the game as the gates opened at 5:00. As I was walking through the gate onto the flagcourt in Orioles Park, I almost got hit by a home run ball. It bounced next to me and I caught in on a bounce. The Orioles played an amazing game that night. Erik Bedard pitched a beautiful game, only 2 pitches away from being perfect. I also got to go to one of my favorite bars after the game, Pickles Pub.

Now to the Orioles game last night. I dont know if I've ever seen a bigger meltdown then that. 5-1 in the 9th, and between three pitchers the Orioles lose 8-5 in 10 innings. What was most shocking was Todd Williams' attempt at a pitch-out that Miguel Cabrera spanked into centerfield for an RBI single. Williams tried to throw a pitch-out and it ended up looking like a slow pitch softball pitch right over the middle of the plate. Now I dont agree with what Ozzie Guillen did to his rookie the other night, but if Sammy Perlozzo didnt go ape-shit on Williams after that, I dont know what it will take to fire up this team.

Everyone says the Knicks are the worst franchise in sports, but I look at the Orioles (my favorite team, and always will be) as right there with the Knicks. The payroll on this team in over 100 million. Tejada is the best SS in the game. Melvin Mora is a superstar. But with all this money they spend, it NEVER EVER produces results. I know the AL East is ridiculously stacked, but its getting to the point where enough is enough. Its time for a complete housing of the front office and I wish that could include Peter Angelos. As much as I hate the Yanks and Sox, you have to respect the way both of those front offices go get whatever it is they need. And if money is the issue, which is isn't, why can't anyone take a hint from the A's or Twins, who are always involved in the race. I'm rambling now because I'm tired of the Orioles Never being in the race.

As for USA Soccer. Did anyone care besides Brian McBride? Landon Donovon, dont ever play for the USA again. Demarcus Beasley, nice pass against Ghana, but thanks for RUNNING like we wanted you to. Capitan Reyna, thannks for nothing. Great capitan work. I got no problem with people who show effort. No one except McBride showed me any effort.

And Bruce Arena, who I love from his DC United days, what happened to you. You became timid, shy, unwilling to take a risk. OK the Czech kicked our ass, but in Game 2, you only used 2 subs when we were down to only 9 men. I dont care if you thought I sub wouldnt make a difference in the result. How about giving one of those 9 guys a breather since they were hustling their ass off out there. What a dumb decision. In game 3, there was never any attacking. Why was there only 1 attacker at a time? This "new" ball they are using makes it easy to score by 30-50 yards out. If thats the case, how did we manage only 4 shots in 3 games. Could it be because you only had 1 attacker at a time? I will not give up on USA Soccer. I only want to see a different way to chose players next time. And maybe a different coach, unless Arena goes back to his aggresive ways.

Congrats to the Miami Heat I guess, or should I say congrats to Dwayne Wade. Billy Simmons said it on Page 2 of and Mark Cuban talked about it on his blog. The Mavericks were more of a team that almost and should've won the NBA Championship. The Spurs and Pistons are real teams. The Heat are Dwayne Wade. Shaq is done, Zo is done, Payton is done. Wade single handidly won the championship and the NBA is now in trouble. Only Wade, LeBron and maybe Kobe can singlehandidly take their teams by themselves. But if the NBA teams think they can now win with one superstar we are going to go back to the Allen Iverson days of superstars going 10-99 from the field. I'm very critical of the NBA, I know, but I watched a few games and I find it boring when its a 1 on 1 game. Just my opinion.

Last thing I want to talk about it Joe Thornton. For those of you that don't know, Joe Thornton led the NHL in points and just won the MVP for this season. He was traded to the San Jose Sharks from the Boston Bruins on November 20th. Why the Bruins traded him, no one knows. The Boston papers said it at the time and it really is true. That trade might be the worst trade in sports history. For the Bruins, it might be like when the Red Sox gave away Babe Ruth, its that dumb. Thornton led the Sharks to second round of the playoffs and has the weapons in San Jose to win the Cup next year. The Bruins on the other hand are going nowhere. The draft is Saturday night, but there is no Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin in this draft. Wow, Boston, you mess up again.

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