Friday, June 09, 2006


And so it begins....................

The World Cup that is. I've been saying for four years now that this is the USA's year to win it all. I believe they have the talent to do it. We will find out right away as the US plays #2 Czech in the first game. I dont expect the US to win this game, but I do expect them to beat Ghana and then it will all come down to the Italy game to move on to the Round of 16. Obviously Brazil, Germany and Czech are favorites, but I loved how Ecuador played today and their game against Germany should be awesome. I will try to write more on the Cup as it goes on. I'm going to study some games and try to predict outcomes. I know I didn't post them today but I was 2-0 picking Germany (easy pick) and Ecuador (not as easy a pick).

The Heat flattened out in Game 1 of the finals, but that was to be expected. The Mavs at home should've won game 1. I want to say this about the NBA Finals. It is soooo fricken dumb to have the 2-3-2 format. This gives the Heat or underdog team almost no chance of winning at home. It is hard to win 4 of 5 games against a team that has already won 12 previous playoff games. I love how baseball and hockey have the 2-2-1-1-1 format. I know it is rough on travel, like it is in the NHL this year with teams on completely opposite ends of North America, but it is the best for the fans, and without the fans there is no sport. In today's world, it is sooo incredible easy to get an interview, travel, etc, so there should be no excuse about writers not having enough time to write stories because of travel, or teams being tired from tavel. COME ON, they charter a plane for crying out loud. And they sleep on the plane. Its not like they even carry their own luggage. Its carried for them. Go with the 2-2-1-1-1 format. Its much better.

I must also comment on the Jason Grimsley incident. Does anyone else realize the magnitude of this. The Feds are involved with the Steroids issue and the HGH issue. If that doesnt scare anyone away from using illegal substances, I dont know what will. Go ahead Jason, tell them allllll the names u know. I completely am in favor of keeping locker room talk secret, but normally locker room talk is about whos wife is hott, not something illegal like this. I honestly never thought Jose Canseco's book would have this amazing impact on the game of baseball. But I want people to remember this.............there was a dead ball era in baseball......why?.........because pitchers were cheating with scuffed balls, spitballs, and much more. In every sport people try to gain an edge and now that juicing is no longer hidable, something else will happen to try and gain that edge. Its gonna happen. The sport is still pure. I'll end this pointless blabber on this............If you go 85 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, but dont get pulled over, did you break the law?
So if Barry Bonds took steroids or HGH and didnt get caught, did he break the law?

All responses welcome.

Last note for the day. College World Series. If Miami can get to Omaha I might go to the Series to see my friend play. Miami plays Ole Miss in a best of 3 series for the right to go to Omaha. Currently, Clemson (#1 seed) is losing to Oral Roberts. ORU has to win 2 games, but even if they win one thats amazing. Go ORU!! and I never thought Id say this, but Go CANES!!

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