Wednesday, June 14, 2006

End of the NHL Season

Tonight in Carolina comes the greatest trophy presentation in all of sports.........the Stanley Cup. I believe Carolina will seal the deal tonight with a 3-1 victory. Cam Ward will be his brilliant self, and Rod Brind'Amor will score the game winner. Staal will most likey add one of the other goals and add an assist.

On a side note, one of Staal's brothers is in this year's draft which takes place next week. I hear the Panthers are interested in him. If he is as good as his brother, I'd love to work with him next season.

Anyway, I feel for Edmonton, but they did have a nice run this year that they will build off of next year as long as Rholesen is healthy. Chris Pronger must put the defense on his back and take over this game if Edmonton has any chance of winning. He must provide the spark on the power play which is a pathetic 1-26 in this series. Only way the Oilers win tonight is by scoring a power play goal. Not gonna happen. Cup goals to Carolina.

On to the World Cup where Germany pulled out an amazing win this afternoon against Poland. In the last minute of regulation Germany hit the post twice in a span of 5 seconds. Then in stoppage time, Germany final gets the only goal of the game and wins 1-0.

As for the USA, Im going to say this 3 days in advance. The USA will beat Italy. Now we are back to how the USA played so well in 2002, they are the decisive underdog. Everyone in the USA heard for a month how this was the best US Soccer team ever and how they could beat anyone. I fell for the hype and so did the rest of this country. And now after the Czech debacle the USA is again the underdog where no one expects them to win EVER AGAIN. Soooooooo, this is when the USA will be at its best. Plus, I found out that Bruce Arena scouted Italy himself. Scouting is normally something assistants do. So I believe Arena knew this Italy game would big HUGE. I expect lineup changes and I expect the USA players to actually hustle on Saturday. USA wins 2-1 Saturday at 2:30. You heard it here first.

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