Saturday, June 10, 2006

Shaka Hislop

Never heard of the name Shaka Hislop? Well now you should. What a performance by the backup goalie for Trinadad and Tobago. This country has never been to a World Cup and just tied Sweden 0-0. That is just as big an upset as George Mason getting to the Final Four. I just dont understanf how Americans dont like Soceer. That game and the England game for that matter were sooo exciting to watch even though in 4 hours of watching the World Cup today I've seen one goal and it happen in the first five minutes or at about 9:15 AM this morning. Great start to the World Cup, now Im gonna watch Argentina play another heavy underdog, the Ivory Coast.

Tonight Miami plays Ole Miss in the Super Regionals and I think Miami is the much better team, but so far the first game of the Super Regionals has been upset city. Unfortunately Clemson came back to win yesterday, but Georgia just got BLOWN AWAY by a heavy underdog South Carolina team that hit 5 homers in 2nd inning alone. I think Miami just hit its stride and should handle Ole Miss tonight.

Well it only took 10 days, but we finally have our first Tropical Storm on its way, forming off the west coast of Cuba. Here we go again. Thankfully Im just supposed to get rain, but it puts a real damper on my beach opportunities this weekend.

Now back to watching the World Cup!!

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