Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Game 2

First to update you, my friend Chris was drafted as the 42nd overall pick to the St. Louis Cardinals. He was pretty excited last night when we went to dinner to celebrate. The Single-A team for the Cards is in West Palm Beach and he thinks that is where they will send him to start.

As for tonight. The Stanley Cup FInals Game 2 is about to begin. How can you go against Carolina now. Momentum and a real goalie has the Canes the heavey favorite now. But as Lee Corso would say.............not so fast my friend. In this new hockey games, goals are coming more often then ever. I expect lots of blocked shots by Edmonton's Defense and I expect lots of goals from the Oiles. They know they must step up and score 5 goals tonight. I'm sooooooo pumped. Game 2 about to begin!!

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