Sunday, June 11, 2006


I just finished completing my bracketology for the World Cup and I wanted to share it before we get any deeper into the Tournament. For those of u who are unfamiliar with how this works, the top 2 teams from Group Play move on to a single elimination Sweet 16 Tournament.

My Group winners and runners-up (teams that advance)
A: Germany, Ecuador
B: England, Paraguay
C: Argentina, Netherlands
D: Mexico, Portugal
E: USA, Italy
F: Brazil, Croatia
G: France, Korea
H: Spain, Tunisia

In the Sweet 16 I have Germany defeating Paraguay, England over Ecuador, Argentina over Portugal, Netherlands over Mexico, USA over Croatia, Brazil over Italy, France over Tunisia and Korea over Spain.

Elite 8 I have Germany over Argentina, England over Netherlands, USA over France and Brazil over Korea.

Final Four sets up England vs. Brazil and Germany vs. USA
I think that Brazil is the most dominate team in the World Cup. They have the Michael Jordan of soceer in Ronaldinho and they have all the experience from 5 previous World Cup winners. So for that reason they should easily handle England who will be completely overmatched.

The USA would be a shocker to the world if they get this far. I have them winning a killer group with the #2 Czech and an Italy team that seems like they are in disarray now but they always show up and play well in this competition. Germany as the host country has an edge in this year's Cup and their offense is very explosive (4 goals in their first match). However, I think their defense leaves a lot to be desired and the USA can exploit that and score almost at will. This should be a high scoring semi-final, somewhere around 4-3 USA.

That sets up a USA vs. Brazil Final. I know I'm crazy but I'm taking the USA. Taking Brazil would be like taking Duke in the NCAA Tournament. You got to go out on a limb here. The USA would be completely overmatched in this game, but this could be the "Miracle on Grass". It's been a quarter of a century since a USA National team did something absolutely remarkable. I think it happens here and the USA wins the World Cup.

3rd place winner goes to Germany.

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