Friday, June 16, 2006

Party Weekend

Last night was awesome. I watched the Heat game at my buddy's house who just got back from Iraq. We ended up watching the game, talking and drinking till 5 AM. Now today I'm heading to Deleware to see a fraternity brother who I havent seen in a long time. Its nice to come home and see old friends.

Anyway, the Heat finally showed up yesterday and made this series, well, a series. I still believe the Mavs will win in 6, but at least the Heat finally showed up. I can't imagine Dirk having another bad game on Sunday. In fact, I'd expect him to light it up for about 40 on Sunday. I think the 3 day layover is better for the Mavs then the ailing Heat. Yes, Wade gets to rest, but as he said post-game, he is in a rhythm right now and 3 days off could only hurt that rhythm.

The Mavs on the other hand have 3 days to regroup and find a way to defend Wade. I expect a steller performance from the Mavs on Sunday and to win 101-94. Then Tuesday night will finish the series off in Dallas.

Tomorrow the USA has a chance to get some revenge on its nay-sayers. I'm excited to watch and as said in previous posts I expect the USA to win 2-1.

I also see Edmonton winning game 6 tomorrow night and I cant wait to sit on my ass all day Saturday, watching the USA and then the STanley Cup Finals. Should be a fun day.

Interleague play resumes tonight. While Im still not the biggest fan of interleague play, it does bring some unique match-ups. DC will get to see the Yankees, the O's and Nats resume their rivalry next weekend. The Mets play the O's this weekend, splitting my family in half. So its fun, and at the end of this week, baseball will be in fun swing with the NBA, NHL and US Open being over and the USA most likely out of the World Cup within the next 8 days. Then I will start analyzing baseball a lot more.

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