Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I haven't written since the USA World Cup debacle. Unbelievable how flat footed they came out yesterday. Unfortunately it doesnt look like my prediction of the USA winning it all will happen this time. If the USA can somehow get out of their group they will almost assuradly face Brazil in the Round of 16................ouch!!

Yesterday was a set back for American soccer. I'd go as far as to say that the USA is still 4 years away from being a decent soccer program. What a dissapointment.

It looks like the NHL and NBA Finals are all but over. The Heat are down 0-2, but they do get 3 straight home games. However, the Heat just look flat out awful. Lets not talk about how bad Shaq is because Shaq isnt the only problem. His free throws are big, but everyone on the Heat have looked slow and old compared to Dirk and Company. Must win tonight for the Heat and I believe they do win 2 of 3 at home, but Dallas will get this series in 6.

The Carolina Hurricanes look like they will do as I predicted and win the Cup in 5 games. A great win for the Canes last night and Cam Ward looks like he will pick up the MVP of the playoffs. I'm happy for Rod Brind'Amor. I hated him with the Flyers but you have to appreciate what he is doing and feel good for him. This will be the 2nd straight southern team to win the Cup (TB 2 years ago), which is awesome for hockey. The north and Canada will always be hockey fans, but it is the south that needs to be won and NHL teams in the south constantly winning will help with the painfully process.

Please, even if you do not like hockey, turn on Game 5 in the 3rd period and watch the greatest trophy presentation in any sports including soccer, football, baseball, whatever. The raising of Lord Stanley's Cup is the most unbelievable site in sports. Please watch it even if you do not like hockey.

Baseball is my sport and there is a lot going on in baseball, and in about 3 weeks baseball will take center stage when the NBA, NHL and World Cup are over. Im enjoying watching the Tigers, and Reds right now. Great stories!!

Im also going to 3 baseball games next week. Yanks at Nats, Marlins at O's and Nats at O's. I can't wait, should be great!!

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