Sunday, June 25, 2006

Like Old Times

It was a great week at home. I saw everyone I hadn't seen in a while. Last night I went to a bar in DC with my groupies from high school. Everyone was married, engaged or in a serious relationship except me. Oh well, my Ms. Perfect hasnt arrived yet.

But anywaz, this bar had beer from all over the world so I made a world tour and had at least one beer from every continent. It was a lot of fun drinking LION beer from Sri Lanka. That was my favorite.

Tomorrow its back to the sweltering hot South Florida. 10 days until I begin my job with the Florida Panthers. By the way, the NHL Draft was Saturday night and for the first time I can ever remember, the majority of the first round players were American born. While hockey is still not a very popular sport in this country, it is growing at amazing rates among young people. More kids want to play hockey now and thats really really good.

Today I went to Oriole Park for my dad's birthday. I have been to many ballparks and still Oriole Park is by far the best Stadium for baseball. I absolutely love it. The O's lost today but I still had a blast because of the setting. Oriole Park set the precedent for what the new stadiums look like and you can never beat the Original.

Did anyone else see David Beckham's goal today. Wow, he sure Bent it like Beckham and England again looks bad but wins a game. I wonder how good this team will be when they finally play well. And a shocker to me was the Netherlands losing in the Sweet 16. Now if Ghana can handle Brazil Tuesday (hahahahaha) Ill be very very happy.

Thats all for now. Im hoping the Fish can hang on to this 5-0 lead they have in the 8th against the Yanks!!

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