Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mark Cuban and Dan Marino?

Ahhhh finally I'm back and posting again. I lost my password to update and it took me until this afternoon to figure it out. I'm such an idiot.

Hockey on my mind to start the day. The Boston Bruins fired head coach Mike Sullivan and will reportidly hire Dave Lewis who is a former Detroit coach. And if anyone didn't know Mike McOnnell was ousted as the GM of Boston a month ago. I stated a few posts back about Joe Thornton being traded from Boston and this is the fallout of that horrendous trade. Unfortunately even though it wasn't Mike Sullivan's fault, he still gets the blame for a horrible season. The Bruins are correctly cleaning house, but they have a long road ahead of them to rebuild one of the most proud franchises in the NHL. If the rest of the NHL is smart, they will never hire McOnnell ever again. He was a horrible GM and doesn't even deserve another chance.

One more hockey thing. As everyone should know Mario Lemeiux is selling the Penguins. I personally hope the buyers keep the team in Pittsburgh and the newest group to bid on the Pens would do just that and they are my favorite choice. Mark Cuban and Dan Marino have joined the newest bidders to try and get the Pens. If you don't know, Mark Cuban is from the burgh and so is Marino. If Cubs and Marino get their hands on the Pens, there is no chance in hell that team moves from Pittsburgh, which is best for that city. Pittsburgh is the best sports town I have ever been to. Boston is up there, but never before have I seen a city embrass their sports teams like in the burgh. So I really pray the Pens stay in the burgh and get a beautiful new arena for me to come visit when I come into town with the Panthers.

And speaking of Pittsburgh, I wish Cuban and Marino could buy the Pirates too. Its soo sad that the Pirates havent had a winning season since Barry Bonds was on the team and they now are in the midst of their longest losing streak in 70 years. This was supposed to be the year the buccos won 75-82 games. Instead it will be a year they try not to lose 100 games. I dont blame front office, coach or players. I blame the OWNER who bought the team a few years Kecin McClatchy. He promised that he had millions more dollars then he really does and since he took over, he got one the the Top 5 stadiums in the country in PNC Park, the All-Star game this year and he traded away Jason Schmidt and Aramis Ramirez. In 2 years, maybe less, Jason Bay will be gone too because he can't afford them. McClatchy if you couldnt afford it, why did you do it? Let someone else buy the team and bring back the Pirate tradition. And if that person doesn't have too much money, maybe they should go next door to the Steeler and ask the Rooney family how they have been successful for soooo long while not having the revenue a NYC or Boston based team does. Sure the NFL has a salary cap, but why then do the A's and Twins, and even the Marlins compete year in and year out. Its absurd that the Buccos cant put together an 80-win season. JUST DO IT MCCLATCHY. GET IT DONE

Enough ranting for now. One week from today I start my job with the Florida Panthers and then I will be documenting a few times a week what goes on in a professional spots teams front office.


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