Monday, June 19, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes

What a Stanley Cup Finals it was and thank goodness for the NHL, the team from the USA won. Someone is going to luck out now and get Martin Gerber as their goalie since I think Cam Ward just won the starting job for the Canes next season. Incredible Game 7 atmosphere. Bravo, Carolina fans. Not only did u sing the National Anthem, you didnt sit down the entire game. That was awesome. I loved the enthusiasm. 2 times in a row now a team from the Southeast has won the Cup. I believe hockey is growing in the USA.

The NHL Draft is Thursday and the experts are expected the majority of players to be American born for the first time in a long time. The USA has better junior leagues now and college hockey is thriving. The NHL is down because of the lockout but I truely see it making a complete recovery when stars like Sidney Crosby and Ovechkin start making the playoffs and winning cups.

So to the NHL, I say congrats on a great recovery season and here's to looking forward to next season and the NHL getting better and better and reaching what it was back in the 1990's.

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