Sunday, June 04, 2006

Moving Day

Today is moving day. I am about to move from the MIA 305 to the FLL 954. I leased an apartment in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. It is 6 blocks from Las Olas Blvd where everything is in the FLL. I think it's nice, but you have to come check it out for yourself.

Well Miami is going crazy over the Heat. Everyone here was sooooooo worried about the Heat and how much better the Pistons were during the regular season. I think I was the only one that said who cares. As long as they didnt finish worse then 3rd in the East, they were fine (dont wanna face Det in the Conf. Semis). Now we have a great NBA Final with 2 teams who have never been there before. I believe that the Heat are just too strong and have way way way too much experience in SHAQ. Who is going to guard Shaw in the finals?, dont wanna get him in foul trouble. Do they still have Shawn Bradley? Maybe he can play. I LOVE the Heat in 6.

And on to the better sport.............the Stanley Cup Finals!! Emonton vs. Carolina to begin tomorrow. I want to say Carolina is the better team, with the better goalie. However, Edmonton has suprised everyone they have played so far.But Cinderella's slipper is coming off. For the second year time a row a Canadian team will lose in the Finals. I like Carolina in 5, but I hope it's 7.

As for baseball, Im soo dissapointed in my Birds. As I said they got the Yanks when the Yanks are the most vulnerable. But of course the O's pitching didnt hold up and the birds have lost 6-5 in both games of the series. Today is a must win.

DAMN IT, it just began to rain. Moving in the rain is no fun.


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