Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Heroics

I went to the Nats/Yankees game today and I have to say it was one of the best baseball games I have ever been to. Now you must understand I hate the Yankees more then anything else in this world, so of course I'd say the Yanks win about 90% of the time I go root against them. Now today's game was nowhere near as good as some of the Orioles Playoffs games I went to, and it will never match up to when I saw Rob Mackoviack hit two game winning home runs in the same doublerheaer in Pittsburgh. However, anytime the Yankees lose, my day is made. And today Ryan Zimmerman, a phenominal rookie from the DC area, hit a 2-run Walk-off home run to beat the Yanks 3-2. Nothing is better then Yankee fans thinking they have a win and then grasping it from them on a walk-off. Nothing beats Yankee fareweather fans like they are, with their heads up their asses after losing on a walk-off. It is almost surreal. It also made it better because I was with my dad and we both share the Yankee hatred passion together.

I also just watched the end of the Cal State Fullerton/Georgia Tech elimination baseball game. CSF was down by one and scored 3 runs with 2 outs in the top of the 9th to win. I think college baseball is awesome. Although I do hate the "ping". Miami looked awesome against Oregon State yesterday, but I still think Clemson is the team to beat in Omaha. North Carolina has two starters who were picked in the 1st round so you cant go against pitching. It does seem to be the ACC's tournament. What a conference they had this year.

Game 7 tomorrow night in the NHL. As soon as the Oilers won game 5, I think everyone knew this series was going 7. Now, I do think Edmonton has the edge going into this game, but once Carolina hears the roar of its home crowd, I expect it to be Carolina's night. I'm going with a 4-2 win for Carolina and the Cup stays in the USA. What a wonderful thing for hockey to have their finals go 7 games this season. I hope people watch tomorrow night because Game 7 in any sport is something you can't miss, but in hockey Game 7 of the finals means Lord Stanley's Cup will be given away regardless of what happens and that is a special thing.

Game 5 tonight for the Heat and Mavs. I said it a few days back, I expected the Heat to take 2/3 at home and lose in 6 games. So I'm sticking to my words and saying Dallas adjusts and wins this game without Stack. Dirk will go for 40 and Dallas wins by 7.

Happy Father's Day Everyone

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