Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MLB Draft

I am all moved into my new apartment. I'm just waiting on a dresser to be delievered by my friend Chris. However, he isnt going to be delivering it today because today is the MLB Draft and Chris is the closer for Miami's baseball team and is projected to go in the first round today.

Chris is projected to be somewhere between pick 15-35. He invited me to go out to dinner with his family and a few friends tonight after he essentially becomes a millionaire. We are going to a fancy Chinese restaurant on South Beach to celebrate. I'm pretty pumped. The online menu said items at this place are between $35-$50 A PLATE. HOLY TOLEDO!!!!

So in other news, I went grocery shopping today for my new place and I got stopped by a draw bridge on my way home. How cool is it to be stopped by a draw bridge on the way to ur house? Its the little things that excite me, really!!

How bout the Stanley Cup Finals Game 1. What a game!! Rohlesson being hurt really kills Edmonton. I cant see this series going more then 5 games now unfortunately. But Carolina deserves it. They have played well all year and while Edmonton is a nice story being an 8-seed, Id rather see the team that had the better season win the Cup.

As for the Miami Heat, this city is going nuts. Every radio station, store, etc. has Heat fevor and I cant blame them. It is exciting and I hope the Heat win just so I can say I live where Champions play. Go Heat tonight!!!

The Orioles have looked good the past two nights. Destroying the Yanks, then shutting out the Blue Jays. I hope this can keep up and I sure hope the Red Sox can turnj it around and beat the Yanks. I cant stand when the Yankees win. Even though I hate Boston, Id perfer the Sox over the Yanks anyday.

Thats all for now. I cant wait for dinner tonight and I'll write back later with where Chris was drafted and how dinner was.

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