Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And on to Edmonton for Game 6

Oh My God, did you see that game? I really thought Carolina would put away Edmonton tonight, but the Oilers just wanted it more. Its amazing to me how much was made over the Power Play for the Oilers and it ends up being their penalty KILL that wins the game for them.

You have to think the Oilers have all the momentum right now. They head home for Game 6 and Can Ward, who was gonna be the MVP of the Playoffs, gave up 4 goals tonight. Now that award is up in the air and so is this series.

However, I still believe Carolina wins this series, I just believe it will take 7 games now. What I will be curious to see is the ratings for this game. There was no NBA, or World Cup to watch. The game was on National TV (NBC) and the only other thing to watch was Wednesday Night Baseball on ESPN.

I would bet that the ratings in the 3rd period and OT were a lot better then the other 4 games. With an exciting game like this one, hopefully more people tune in Saturday night for Game 6. I can't wait. This is why I love hockey soooo much. I was on the edge of my seat for the duration of this game. Phew!!!!! I can breathe now and rest knowing I have at least one more hockey game to watch this year!!

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