Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Hockey Camps

This week I have been able to go to our summer camps at Incredible Ice (which is also our practice rink). Alex Auld, our new goalie, was there teaching goalie camp so I had to be there in case any reporters showed up, which a few of them did. There were awesome articles on Auld in the Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post today. As a PR guy, articles like these are what make your day. They portray Auld as someone excited for the challenge of being the everyday starter for the Panthers. What made me even happier is that Auld listens to me when I tell him what I need. After spending 6 years working with unappreciative football and basketball players, it is a please to not have to babysit these guys. I tell them they need to do an interview and they come find me when they are finished in the locker room. That is wonderfully amazingly awesome.

Today I got word that we were close to signing a marquee free agent. I cant disclose the name yet because it hasnt happened yet, but check Friday's papers to see if we sign this guy tomorrow. But anywaz, I am prepared for it. I wrote the release and I am ready to get the interviews with our GM and the player. Stay tuned on this one......

I also began working on the game program today. We are going to make approximately 8 different programs during the course of the year. It's a little rough to have to make 41 differents programs so we decided just to split the home season up into 8th's. I need to come up with 8 feature stories that would be good to read so if anyone has any ideas, let me know. You are the audience I am trying to appease for this project.

Well, if we sign this F.A. tomorrow it should be an interesting day that I am looking forward to.

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