Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cats Cookout A Success

Thursday nights Cats Cookout was a tremendous success. We had nearly 2000 people there. To have that many people at an event in the offseason for the NHL in a warm climate in absolutely amazing. The three new guys were awesome as well. I personally started off the evening by being the guinny pig when the photographer was setting up his photo shoot. We did the shoot in the cooler underneath the arena because we wanted to guys to look tough, kind of like a hard nose team, etc. Bertuzzi, Allen and Auld were great when they got there and we got some great pictures for ads and the media guide.

Then we took the guys upstairs where they were introduced to their new fans and we split them up to sign autographs. I got to be in charge of the Bryan Allen autograph session. I basically made sure the line kept moving and no one asked him to do anything unresonable. It ent real well and after the autograph session, Todd Bertuzzi went to ice level and played a little street hockey with the kids in attendance.

Finally we took the guys to their new locker room and they had a media session there. I finally got to meet at of our beat writers as well as some local radio and TV guys. We got great coverage in the papers the next day which is a PR Guys biggest show of success. Now I can relax all weekend because free agency is all but over for us and I am focused squarely on the media guide now.

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