Monday, July 03, 2006

ASG Snubs

The Florida Panthers finally signed the defensemen they so desperately needed. The Panthers got Ruslan Salei from the Anaheim Ducks. Salei is the big menacing defensemen the Panthers had wanted to team up with young sensation Jay Bouwmeester. Although it wasnt who the Panthers were looking for, it is still a strong move in free agency and they only had to spend $3 million a year as opposed to the 6 that Jovonovski got. That means there is $3 mill more to spend this year and that could come in a backup goalie or another forward if we trade Gary Roberts to Toronto. I like the signing becaue it shows the Panthers are doing two thing, 1. Being active and not sitting back, and 2. They will not overpay in a year where defensemen are getting ridiculous contract offers. Again, Salei is not Jovonovski, but he will help a defensive corps that needs to be more physical this year.

As for the MLB All-Star game, lets go over the selections for a moment. As if I didnt hate Ozzie Guillen already. Someone tell me how Curt Schilling is not a pitcher on this team. I understand if he isnt the starter because that I believe Ozzie has every right to reward his own player, Mark Burehle. However, Schilling has sick numbers this year and for that matter, so does Fransisco Liriano and he isnt on the team either. I believe it is time that the players vote for all All-Star reserves and that fans should be able to chose the AS Game starting pitcher.

My biggest problem with the AS Game is how every team must be included. Why is it called ALL-STAR game when people like Mark Redman make it just cause the Royals need someone. It should be called the Almost All-Star game. This is the reason Schill and Liriano are not on the team. Mark Redman's ERA is over 5 and his record is barely .500 (5-4). You call that all-star status? I don't. Why do all the teams need to be represented ayway. Do you think the Kansas City fans won't watch the ASG because no one from their team is represented. HELLS NO. They probably will watch this game because it will be a relief for them to watch good players for a change. This rule has got to be changed.

2 days until I'm officially a Florida Panther!!

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