Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Game Program

A couple of my boys from Pitt are coming down tomorrow for the weekend, so I probably wont be posting again for a week. So here are today's thoughts.......

First I just want to say to all of his critics, give Tony Kornheiser some time. Do Not judge him on one preseason games. #1 Preseason football games are the hardest to broadcast because of how few plays the stars actually play in. #2 For someone who has never even held a mic in his hand, it might take a few games to get in the flow. I think Tony will be great once he learns the ropes and he will be more then ready to go come Redskins/Vikings for Opening Monday Night.

OK Back to hockey for the moment. Today things really started to pick up at work. This Pre-Season Guide Ive been working on for weeks is in its final stages. It should be done by Friday and that means, that the real MEDIA GUIDE is next. We have most of those sections done already, thanks to planning ahead, but some changes need to be made. Like the Bruins President resigned so we have to change the Bruins Opponents Page in the Guide. We are 3 weeks away from the start of rookie camp when everything needs to be completed.

I was put in charge of the Game Programs, so I began building the thing today. Since it is impossible to print 41 programs for 41 home games, we are going to print just 4-5, and just add an insert for each game of each teams roster and scorecard. I had to put together a proposal of stories and I get to assign the stories. As expected, I am writing the Feature Story for each issue. I have until Sept. 1 to get all the stories in and then the actual printing process can begin. I'm real excited for this project.

Our coaches are slowly returning the South Florida from their summer vacation. They should all be in by the end of next week, and most of our players will return by then as well. Even though it isn't official, most of them are practicing together already. I can feel it, it's almost hockey time!!

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