Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Media Guide

Time to relax. The Panthers roster is set for training camp. All signings are down, now I have a month to relax. WRONG!!

Holy Cow, did the media guide process pick up today. Since we have sooo many new players, we are getting bios on new players in all shapes, sizer, styles, languages, etc. I have to go through these word for word to make sure they aren't too long, too short, make sure they are all in AP style....and much more. And imagine doing that for someone like Ed Belfour who has been playing hockey since 1988. It's an insanely easy project that can be messed up way way way too easily. Not to mention we have a page limit, so everything must fit.

My other problem is finding stats and bios from last year for our players in the minors, overseas, in college, just drafted, etc. It's nearly impossible to get any information on a 21 year old kid who has only played Under-18 hockey for the majority of his life. But this is the task I have been handed.

I have until Friday to get it done. I will do it.


On a different note, I want to talk about the MLB trade deadline. Everyone is saying how the Mets blew it by not making a move. Actually, the Mets had already made their move. They got El Duque in May. Forget what Pedro, Glavine and Duque are doing now. The Mets have all but clinched the NL East and should get home field in the NL. These three guys will step it up come October. El Duque is a made for October pitcher, Pedro is proven and Glavine, while he has been shaky in October, does have the experience. The Mets will ride these three arms to the World Series like I said they would back in March.

The big losers were the Red Sox. They did nothing, and to dig a deeper hole for themselves, Jason Varitek might be done for the season. He is their captain. Imagine the Yanks losing Jeter. Thats what this is like. I hate saying it, but it looks like the Yanks might pull out the division again. I hope I'm wrong.

I want to say thank you to a few teams also. Thank you to the Marlins for not trading Dontrelle, thanks to the Orioles for not trading Tejada, and thanks to Oakland for not trading Zito, and lastly very very very many thank yous to the Nats for not trading Soriano. It is ludacris to trade your best player just because you think you are out of the race. Keep those players there, build around them. Dont worry about the offseason, worry about now. Worry about putting butts in seats and these teams stuck to their guns and didnt trade their stars. Great Job.

I wish I could say the same about the Pirates who back-tracked another 5 years yet again.

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