Sunday, August 13, 2006


I got called into the office Friday afternoon. I was supposed to have the day off. But supposidly we were about to make a move and I had to be in the office to send out a release when this move happened. Needless to say, 3 hours later, it didn't happen and I had missed my happy hour I was planning to attend in Miami. Oh well, thats the life of a PR person. You always have to be ready even if it doesn't happen.

Saturday was the Dancer Tryouts which went real well. ESPN Radio 760 from West Plam Beach spent all day there broadcasting live from inside the arena. I got the two Captains of our cheerleading squad and Olli Jokinen (our Captain) on the radio. I t was great. Then the ESPN anchors, Olli, and some other celebrities were judges for the 65 girls that tried out for 16 spots. As a male, it was very very awesome to be in a room surrounded by 64 beautiful girls, almost all of which were wearing a sports bra and spandex pants.

Now why did I say 64 and not 65, well thats because we had a guy actually try out. No, he didnt make it and not because he was a guy but because he couldn't dance. IM SERIOUS.

Finally today I got to sit down and watch some baseball and catch up on things. It looks like my NL West pick, the Giants, are not going to win that division. My NL Wild Card was the Phillies who are still in it, but Im not counting on them anymore. The Angels are picking up steam, taking 2 of 3 from the Yanks so I'm very excited that my World Series Champion pick seems to be getting ready for a run at this thing.

College football is around the corner and Im excited for Pitt football. I actually think Tyler Palko is my biggest concern. This guy seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve and overplay when he thinks he doesnt have the supporting cast. If Tyler could become a leader, not just verbally, and trust his receivers and backs, then I think Pitt can win 8 games this year. WVU and Louisville will be a test. Michigan State will be tough, but I truely believe we can beat everyone else and have a successful season. Dave Wannstedt is in year 2 and by year 4, I'm expecting a B.E. Championship. So in other words, he has two more years of freedom before he feels the pressure. Let's get 'er done Pornstatch!!

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