Thursday, July 08, 2010

EOD - Sled Pushing

After a little bit of a layoff, the exercise of the day is back with a really intense lower body exercise called sled pushing. This exercise is utilized by every football team from high school to the pros because it works your entire lower body while giving your legs the power needed to explode from a stationary position to a running (or blocking in football) position.

For women who are looking to tone their butt, this is an excellent exercise because that is the primary muscle working here. In addition to the glutes and the rest of your legs working hard, you have to stabilize your core and your upper body in order to push the sled with your legs which is another great way to get stronger.

It doesn't matter if you have a real sled outside or if you are inside in a gym, you can get the sled pushing motion just by pushing a weight plate as demonstrated in this video. You can even take two dumbells and put them on a flat surface and push down on the dumbells to move the flat surface across a floor.

Watch the video, try the exercise. Get creative in what you use for a sled. Let me know the results!

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