Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hurricane Wilma and the World Series

So its Sunday night and Im patiently awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Wilma. I took Milo's advice today and bet a tease with Indy and Philly and I won. I also won my bet of the under in the Stillers game. 2/2 Today. I never go 2/2.

I took the Astros straight up tonight. Right now it is 2-2 in the 5th so its still anyone's game. We will see what happens.

If you are reading this now say a little prayer for my car. I pray it doesn't get destroyed by Wilma. You know, I used to think Fred's wife was hott. Now I just think she should go away. I did get work off tomorrow, but that just means Ill have to work 12 hour days this whole week.

Also pray for me that Wilma doesnt turn out the lights tomorrow because the J-E-T-S are on MNF and I really want to watch them play. Well thats all for now, I got a fantasy basketball draft in less then an hour that I must prepare for. I'll report back on my draft later.


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