Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Morning

Hurricane Wilma is SUPOSIDLY bearing down on South Florida. Right now it is stuck on the Yucatan Peninsula but everyone here panicked this past Tuesday and cancelled every weekend event possible.

It doesn't bother me. Now I have 2 the weekend off to watch College Football, Pro Football and of course an awesome World Series that doesn't include the Yankees or Red Sox.

Im about to watch College Gameday for the first time since I was there in Pittsburgh on opening weekend. I can't wait. Maybe Pitt will get back to .500 today. It is sooo sad that they can still make a BCS Bowl after losing to Ohio and Rutgers.

I just want to personally thank Matt Milo because of you I did this blog thing. My mom has been getting down my back to put my thoughts online but it took your site to get me off my ass to actually pull this off. Good Work!

That's all for now. GAMEDAY Time!!

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