Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today's Exercise of the Day consists of working the most talked about muscle on both men and women......ABS

Everyone wants defined abs or to lose that gut. But it's not as easy as doing a million crunches or holding that plank for 5 minutes at a time. Getting defined abs is more about diet then anything else. If you have been working your abs at the gym for months and don't see any results, maybe it's time to change your diet.

While decreasing carb intake will help shed a few pounds and I have seen this work on myself included, decreasing your carb intake is dangerous if done incorrectly. On average, a person's diet should contain of 60% carbohydrates. That's a lot. So someone saying I'm not going to eat carbs is depriving their body of a lot of essential food for energy. While I'm not a dietician, I'm suggesting if you want to cut carbs, don't cut a lot of carbs, just cut a small amount. If you aren't seeing the results you want with your abs, play around with your diet. Everyone's body reacts differently to different foods.

On to the exercise. These are exercises that make your abs stronger which is what I am all about as a trainer. This video, courtesy of Turbulence Training describes why we should be working our abs and a few exercises to include in your everyday routine.

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Cassie said...

Thanks for posting those exercises. I actually do most of those daily, and having had two babies, my belly needs all the help it can get.