Saturday, May 22, 2010

Google and a Great Sports Weekend

Anyone else see that turned its google logo at the top of the page to an actual Pac-Man game marking the 30th anniversary of the legendary game? First off, it's been 30 years.....holy crap! Here is a great blog about what Google using their logo as a game did to America yesterday. Also, anyone see about the new GoogleTV. It's a great concept and I think it will be very successful. Here is a link to their demo video. AOL always said they wanted to make an impact on America like the telephone and the television. Well now two of America's greatest inventions are connecting to one another which I believe is a brilliant idea. It's like a universal remote. We love All-in-One devices and now we can use our TV's for shows, the internet, as a webcam (like a telephone) and sooo much more. It's a Universal remote to life.

On to a great sports weekend. Great hockey action this afternoon with the Habs and Flyers playing game 3 and you heard it hear first, the Blackhawks will sweep tomorrow and might even sweep the Stanley Cup Finals. They are leaps and bounds better then San Jose who is by far better then both Montreal and Philly.

NBA intrigue as well this weekend. I loved Paul Pierce's comments about sweeping Orlando. Why shouldn't he be confident? They detroyed the Magic twice in their own building. Now, can Superman make Paul eat his words? I doubt it.

I plan to take in the Pirates-Braves game tonight. Can't wait to see the newest MLB young phenom Jason Heyward. Great seeing the Buccos featured on TWIB (This Week in Baseball) this morning. TWIB is still my favorite TV show (it airs on Fox every Saturday during the baseball season), and no one knows it is on. There are no sponsors, no opinions, just facts, great insider interviews and great highlite reels.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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