Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just got back from my hockey game. Yea, we lost 11-1. At least I was the one who scored the 1. Wasn't a pretty goal, but it counts.

I hate losing, but it was nice to get back on the ice for the first time in two weeks. My team has a few quality players and a good goaltender. We will pick it up. I know we will get better.

As for the NHL, big win tonight for Montreal. I still think this series is going 7, which would mean a third straight game seven for the Canadiens. Montreal didn't play their normal game today to win. They actual played aggressive hockey. They beat the Pens and Caps by sitting back on defense, blocking shots and taking advantage of the few scoring chances they got. Tonight they were on the attack the entire night and it actually worked for them.

Jacques Martin is my former boss when I worked for the Florida Panthers. I believe he is a fantastic head coach. He made some great coaching changes for the game tonight and it showed. As much as I love the Caps, he outcoached Boudreau in the first round and it showed. He figured out how to neutralize the best two players in the game. Hal Gill has a lot to do with it but Jacques is the one who put Hal Gill in the right position.

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