Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's on TV?

With the NHL Playoffs winding down and the fact that I don't find the NBA that intriguing to watch, baseball is now the sport on the most in the evenings. However, I have a serious problem with ESPN carrying the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Cubs, Mets and Dodgers constantly. Mainly the Yankees and Red Sox.

Now I understand they are the two most popular baseball teams in the country and that they probably drive ratings which is why they are always on. However, ESPN would do the game a baseball a favor if they put on some Marlins games or Royals games. Maybe a Diamondbacks game or Pirates game. AND, I don't want to see the Royals playing the Yankees. Give me Pirates-Diamondbacks. Give me Marlins-Braves.

I want to see the future of the game as well as the All-Stars. We all know that come October we are going to see these perrenial playoff teams. Let us see the rest of baseball during the regular season.

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