Thursday, June 24, 2010

Client Spotlight - Amanda

I'm starting a new feature on my website today called Client Spotlight. Each week, I will spotlight someone I am training and show their progress, what it is that motivated them to start training and what exercises they are doing to get to their goal. I will try to provide before and after pictures so you can see the results of hard work.

Today's spotlight is Amanda. She came to me because she is attempting to get a job with the government and will need to pass a PT test in order to be accepted for the job. When Amanda first showed up at the gym, she couldn't do a push up and could barely do a sit up. She had never worked with weights before and if you ask me, she seemed frightened of them at first!!

The before.....

After about 4 months of training with me 3 times a week, I am extremely proud to announce that Amanda can now do 20 push ups (a complete push up, not a 1/2 push up) and over 50 sit ups consecutively. She is now a gym rat who I can not get out of the gym to rest. There will be days Amanda is here, runs, lifts a little bit and then does a spin class or some other aerobic class. I've created a monster!!

The after.....

What I enjoy most is that Amanda wants to know what every exercise does, which muscle groups it works and why. She challenges me to really know my stuff which makes my time with her a lot of fun.

Take a look at these awesome push ups!

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