Thursday, June 10, 2010

EOD - The Exercise Band

Today's Exercise of the Day deals with the Exercise Bands which are those rubber band, multi-colored things with handles that you see at the gym. The color of the band determines the amount of resistance each band will give you. Normally, yellow is the easiest and black or grey are the hardest. All you really have to do is look at each band. The thicker bands will provide more resistance then the thinner bands.

Bands are a great way for a beginner to start learning the effects of resistance training. I also use bands when I am introducing a new exercise to a client as a way of making sure they have the right posture and positioning for the exercise. Bands are most common for rehabbing an injury, most commonly the shoulder and ankle.

This article here explains in good detail why band training can be more beneficial then weight training for some people. I suggest incorporating band work into your workout. The video below shows a lat pulldown. But any exercise can be done with a band. Whatever the movement you would do with a free weight or weight machine can also be done with a band.

Bands can be purchased just about anywhere now. I've seen them at Dick's, Target and Sports Authority. You can also purchase them online at Amazon.

Try it out, let me know what you think and enjoy the video.

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