Friday, June 04, 2010

EOD - Frog Squat

First off, sorry for not posting an EOD yesterday. My internet went out at my house (stupid Verizon!). Anyway, I brought my computer to work so I can post an EOD today.

Today's Exercise of the Day is the FROG SQUAT. Sounds weird, right? Well, it looks weird too when you are doing it. You actually look like a frog about to jump off a lilly pad. Anyway, the frog squat is a great exercise for those people trying to tone their hamstrings, thighs and butt. There are no weights involved.

To do the frog squad, you just get down into a position like a catcher in baseball. Then bend you back and put your arms just on the inside of your leg around the knee area and your hands almost in a prayer-like position. Your feet are slightly turned outward (a little different from a regular squat). Then just stick your butt in the air and bring it back down. It should just be your hips that are rotating, not your back.

WARNING: If you have any type of knee problems, this squat is NOT for you. But if you are looking for a great toning exercise and get sick of doing squat after squat after squat, this could be a fun variation. Make sure to do it in the middle of the gym so when you stick your butt in the air, everyone can see how nicely shaped your behind is!!!!

This video explains it really well.

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