Tuesday, June 08, 2010

EOD - The Butt Blaster

Those of you who train with me most likely know that I have an exercise I call the Butt Blaster which I normally incorporate into a leg workout. Today's Exercise of the Day is a compilation of exercises that shape your backside. Almost all women at the gym ask me how they can shape their butt and this video shows a few basic exercises. The exercise where you push your leg almost straight up in the air behind you is what I consider the true 'Butt Blaster'.

Now for guys, working out your glutes is extremely important because not only is that where most of your power comes from in a squat but it is also the muscle group that can help give you power in most athletic activities such as ice skating, swinging a baseball bat or a tennis racket.

If these exercises in this video are too easy for you, consider using resistance bands until the resistance is suitable for your strength.

Don't forget the gluteal muscles connect your lower back to your hamstrings, so strengthening these muscles will not only help with people who have back pain and knee pain, but it will help runners, jumpers and many other different type of athletes.

Enjoy the video.

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