Monday, June 28, 2010

EOD - Face Pulls

As any one of my clients will tell you, Face Pulls are one of my favorite exercises. It doesn't matter your strength or size, face pulls are great for everyone and here is why.

The Face Pull works the upper back and back of the shoulders (rear deltoids). These muscles are very underused by everyone. Just typing on my computer right now, I'm using the front of my shoulder and completely ignoring the back of the shoulder. Almost everything we do in life happens in front of us, not behind us.

Therefore, most people acquire what is called protracted shoulders, meaning if you drew a line from shoulder to shoulder it was look like a "C" instead of the straight line it should be.

Face Pulls work the back of the shoulder, strengthening the muscle we never use, straightening up our posture. It is a very important exercise for people who sit all day at work in front of a computer. It is also important for those individuals who want to increase the weight on their bench press because the stronger the back of your shoulder, the more weight you will be able to push forward.

To do a face pull, find a cable machine and take a rope grip, putting it at a height just above your head. With a slight bend in the knee and while leaning backwards just a tad, pull the rop towards your nose, keeping your elbows above your shoulders.

Take a look at the video.....

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