Tuesday, June 01, 2010

EOD - Self-Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling)

Welcome back from Memorial Day Vacation! I hope everyone took a couple days off of exercising and gave their muscles a chance to recover and rest.

Today's Exercise of the Day is Foam Rolling. Foam Rollers are those little spongy-like tubes you see in the gym. Most people have no idea what they are used for, unless you are one of my clients then you know exactly how I feel about them.

A foam roller is actually a self-myofascial release because it releases the myofascial tissue in your muscles that cause knotting and stiffness, or even chronic pain. What the foam roller does is act as your own personal massage therapist. While there are lots of different positions and muscles you can work on with the Foam Roller, they are most commonly used on the lower half of the body.

With that said however, using a foam roller can loosen the muscles in the leg such as the hamstring and glutes which when stretched relieve pressure on the lower back. So anyone who is experiencing lower back pain should try foam rolling out the knots in your legs before automatically assuming you have a back problem.

Today's video explains how to foam roll very well, but I also really like this website as well. Enjoy, and as always if there is an exercise you want me to explain or you think should be an EOD, please let me know.

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