Friday, June 11, 2010

EOD - The Power Clean

To end the week, I wanted to go with a more advanced move for the Exercise of the Day. The Power Clean is advanced because it requires multiple muscle groups to work together especially the posterior chain of the calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower back and upper back.

The Power Clean is a great exercise for atheletes looking to achieve more power, faster speeds and a lot of strength. This exercise is a combination of a bunch of movements, all of which someone wishing to do a Power Clean should feel comfortable doing on its own before performing the full Power Clean.

Once again I have recruited my co-worker Audrey to demonstrate this exercise. She does a great job of explaining every movement. The Power Clean consists of a deadlift, an upright row, a front squat and finally a shoulder press (NOTE: Audrey does not demonstrate the shoulder press portion because it is optional for this exercise).

If you have ever watched the Summer Olympics you see power-type lifts where Olympians lift ridiculous amounts of weight over their head. For the average Joe's out there, I would suggest started to Power Clean with whatever the amount of weight is that you can do sets of deadlifts.

Enjoy the video and even if you aren't in the physical condition yet to do these, this video is broken down into each part of the exercise and everyone can try all of these seperately.

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