Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EOD - The Woodchop

Today's Exercise of the Day is the Wood (or Ax) Chop. This exercise is one of my favorite exericises to work the core. It consists of pulling a weight from either up high or down low and twisting your core to take the weight to the opposite side and height.

Our core is the most important part of our body as far as strength is concerned. A strong core means a strong and healthy person. When I say core it shouldn't be preceived that I am talking about having 6-pack abs or a washboard stomach. Your abdominal muscle are only a couple muscle in a group of over 30 muscles that surround your midsection from underneath your rib cage to your pelvis including the lower back.

The WoodChop Exercise is great because of the twisting motion of the exercise. It works the oblique muscles which are to the left and right of our '6-pack' muscles. It also works parts of the Lattimus Dorsi muscle. Take a look at the Lat here.

This exercise can help your golf swing, your basketball shot, your slapshot, baseball swing or anything else where you need to twist your torse in order to perform an exercise. It also gives your lower back to support it needs for all the pressure put on your lower back by everyday activities.

I decided it was about time I personally demonstrated an exercise so here I am demonstarting the Woodchop.

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